Hunt Pro H12 Gun Safe

As posted in I brought a new gun safe in preparation for when my Cat H is approved. The rules, as usual, are different over here so even though the safe is rated for Cat A & B we can still store Cat H in them.

The unpacking:

The safe was well wrapped and protected. Once the plastic was removed the key to the main door can be seen, using it to unlock the door the rest of the hardware can be found cable tied to the gun rack. In the packet is the second set of keys for the top ammo compartment, 4 Dyna bolts and washers, Allen key, 3 batteries, motion sensor light, double sided sticky dot and a Hunt Pro key ring. The light can be stuck on with the dot or screwed on through the holes in the base.

Opening the main door you can see that it is well constructed with no rough or sharp edges, the carpet in nice and tight and of a reasonable quality. The rails for the gun rack are sturdy and well secured and the rack is adjustable to suit.

The locking mechanisms are strong enough and are 1 inch in diameter with a double plate type locking system. The bolts go through 1 plate in the cabinet and a 2nd plate on the door. There are 4 bolts in the main door.

The back of the door has a plate with cut outs for hanging your cleaning rods as well as 2 medium and 1 large shelf for either pistols, with some way to stop them from rattling when you open the door, or anything that takes your fancy.

The top ammo cabinet is both full length and width of the safe. This allows more to be stored than in the normal internal type setup due to not having to allow for the main door to close. The door has 2 bolts that lock it in the same manner as the main door.

Well I brought it so it must be good, :grin::sunglasses:.
I did check one out thoroughly in the store so I knew what I was getting. It is well made and finished even to the point of little stoppers stuck on in case you open the door too far (not that you can) or close it to hard. There are no pre drilled holes anywhere for the mounting bolts so you can put them where you like. It comes with 2 sets of keys and they are easy to tell apart as to which one open the main door or the storage door. Other than having a plain door with only the Hunt Pro name plate I can not fault it at all. It is rated to hold 12 guns but as we know in reality that is closer to 9 or 10 comfortably. The price was $695 and I think it is well priced. It has all the normal features such as anti pry, I did try to get a screw driver in to see if it would fit but it did nothing.


•Height: 1500mm
•Width: 550mm
•Depth: 370mm
•Weight: 83kgs
•Door Thickness: 3mm
•Body Thickness: 2mm

Link to their website,

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That looks the goods and a good write up mate, thanks for sharing!

Nice looking jigger, in my case a 12 gun can hold 18! One thing I will say to prospective handgun applicants is check with your club regarding safe requirements, as some clubs want a higher standard than that permitted by law. My own club will not sign off on a safe unless it has a 6mm door thickness, Cheers.

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Thanks Gents. @no1mk3 I checked with my club and they were happy with it. I was originally going to get one with a 6mm door but they said it was over kill. I will still end up getting one later on and either give this one to the oldest son or converting it with shelves and using it for ammo storage.