Humidity, rust and stuff?

How do you guys that live in humid climates deal with the humidity?
I have most of my guns in silicone socks etc. But I’m finding rust on my press and anything else I don’t wipe down with oil constantly.

Would a dehumidifier in the garage make much difference?

I dont live in a climate that has any humidity issues but I am getting rust on my press and dies. More so on the press where it has been scorched. I dont think a dehumidifier would make much difference for you. What I do is just wipe them down at least twice a year if they are not getting used that seem to be keeping on top of any nasty stuff.

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Personally I’ve found silicone socks make things worse here in sticky Qld. I just use these from bunnings i buy them buy the case & replace them every couple of months.
I thought about trying these Golden Rod Moisture Control - Greystone Guns Christchurch but never got around to it as the good old simple option seems to be working fine.

No rust so far, even on things like shotguns that i only look at maybe once a year.

Do you put them inthe safe?
I was worried they’d attract more moisture into it.
I have one next to the safe, ill stick it in there.

Yep i put them in the safe and if it’s a two door safe put one in each compartment. I haven’t had any issues yet and zero rust, not even on my under over shottie which gets touched maybe once a year and absolutely no love lol.

Sometimes there will be 10-20mm of water in them & sometimes around this time of year with all the rains it’s more like 40mm

Come to think of it i also got some rolls of that adhesive door seal foam strip from Bunnings (something like this) and lined all my safes doors/jams with it so they’re sealed better, not sure if it has helped or not but my guns are good, and as well as the humidity we’re only about 2kms from the ocean so get salty air, my little home gym out the back is rusty as fuck and it’s only a few years old (and very rarely used :laughing:).


Cheers mate, I’ll chuck em in there.

Ooo I like this.


I just use a tub of that dehumidifier stuff from Woollies sits in bottom of safe, lasts about 2 or 3 mths, coastal QLD so everything rusts, other bare metal like the press I just give a spray with lanolin every so often, my gun oil while runny at first ends up leaving a coating which works really well, don’t like covers or bags as they just make things worse …

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As a Darwinian (and an eight time Darwin Award nominee) I can say that the number one cause of surface rust is failing to clean and wipe down all metal surfaces where fingers and genitals have made contact, with a well lubricated cloth.

My safe is in a room where I work and relax, so the AC comes on once a day to dry the room out during rhe wet season.

Having been away from home for the last three months means I will probably have a safe full of AIDS infected covid19 firearms wirh hepatitis. Will take photos in a week when I get home.


Lubricated Cloth

I’m eagerly awaiting photos

Mate the mistake you are making is a very basic one for a guy of with the wealth of experience in your field. The Lube you use for your genital activities is a water based one the lube you should use on your guns is a petroleum or silicon based one.

Dont mix up the two they are not interchangeable without unpleasant side effects like rust. :grin:


I did say its in a room where I …‘relax’.

Anyway, I won’t have photos for a few days or weeks because IM STUCK IN ALICE SPRINGS with about 1000kms of the Stuart Highway under water.
All because I just had to stop in at Adelaide to buy a jug of powder on the way.

I bllought basic essentials for two days.

Two days??? You’re gonna need more booze…

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Great news. The road is still closed but the rail system is intact. I met some guys in a bar last night who said they work in the transport industry. One of them was a train conducter I think judging by his uniform and neat leather cap. I asked if there was any chance he might be able to organise a train for me (to put my ute on and get to Darwin) and I think he’s Russian because he said he could probably organise like a dozen bears to get a train happening! How lucky am I???

Im meeting up with them at a truck stop at 2.00am. Guess it takes a while to get all those loads on a train eh?

Things are really lookin UP!


Deals done in the Blue Oyster Bar will always be fortuitous, and don’t be concerned when he offers you some “motion sickness” pills for your journey, just smile and swallow.