How do private gun sales work

So, uh how do private gun sales work? I get that you need a dealer intermediary, but is it basically:

  • Seller give gun to dealer
  • Buyer give money to dealer
  • Dealer to release to everyone if all parties happy?

Asking, because I think I just bought a rifle lol. I got extra photos, and it looks to be in decent shape. Can’t see any rust or pitting, but the finish is worn in spots.

Tell me it was that Jungle Carbine.

Also, whilst never having done it, the main way I’ve seen it done is you pay the seller a deposit you both agree to and they send it to your dealer.

Once your dealer calls you to say they have the rifle, you pay the rest of the money to the seller, go into your dealer and pay transfer fees etc.

Basically but they need to see both parties not necessarily at the same time for signatures licenses etc and to make sure theres nothing dodgy going on

Yeah - the Jungle Carbine.

I’m trying to hash out payment details with them right now. They’re trying to get me to transfer all the money to them right now, and I’m trying to hold out till I confirm that their dealer has the firearm lol.

It’s a mess.

I’m so jealous. I hate you. Lol.

There is an element of trust involved in online sales.
Make sure you at least get a phone number and speak directly to them.
Bank transfers are normal.
Paying in full before any transfer is also normal.
I have honestly not heard of any dodgy business going on once money is transferred.
A bank account will also give you a starting point should you need to trace, as well as a phone number.

The feds would take an extremely dim view of firearm sales shenanigans.

On their part
Any photos requested should be provided promptly
Full disclosure of condition
Trust but verify.

On my part , I expect prompt responses to questions. Zero tolerance for BS.
Any stupid stuff like " can’t take a photo, it’s at my mates house" etc.
Any reluctance to full disclosure
Any lies or mucking me around with dates, info etc.

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And trust your gut. Don’t hesitate to ask, why are you selling it? It’s a really good price, but it’s not aligned to market price, why? Does it feed? Is it safe to shoot? What are the non original parts, what are the repairs specifically.

Any blurry or out of focus images need to be called out, there’s no reason to have them with modern phones.

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And on the flip side, some people sell it at a reasonable price, need money or need to get rid of it fast for whatever reason. It’s a balancing act of asking questions, seeing photos and trusting your instincts.

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Hey, also, try to have them hold on to it for few weeks or the dealer. Your pta will expire before lockdown is finished and shops are asking not to have things sent to them in the meantime. You don’t want it on a floor in some curries depot.

I’ve got the photos, and I can’t spot anything that’s missing.

The seller claims that they’ve never shot it, so they don’t know if there are feeding problems or anything.

I was going to have it sent to Centreway, and they’re happy to receive it now. Their dealer wants nothing to do with storing it.

And there’s your red flag.

Unless they are a collector or something similar. Or a handme down. Like there’s a bunch of reason, but… Why not?

I think it’s an older gentleman. Their email address is with an ancient ISP from the 90s. I think they are a collector.

Can you dm me the email?

Nah, don’t know, thought maybe I will have their address from earlier purchases, but no luck. Give it a punt I guess, most of mine worked out well. Up to you :slight_smile: Oooooo living dangerously for a bean counter.

Do it, I want to shoot it at plinkfest 2039 or whenever we get to catch up.

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I have found everyone I’ve dealt with to be honest, a couple were old and technologically inept, but honest.

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Like bentaz i’ve always found everyone honest and have never had a drama, i’ve always just paid in full upfront without issue, and likewise when selling they’ve just transferred the money and then i’ve run down to my dealer to post it.

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Yeah anytime I’ve sold a gun I’ve been paid upfront too.

Is it an interstate transfer?

All the guns I’ve bought and sold have been exchange money first and interstate. On only one occasion have I had to let a bloke know it was at the dealer which he then called to confirm and that he should deposit the remainder which he did. I’ve done this about 70 times now, roughly even each way. As JS said, its a lot of gut feeling and trust. The stories I have heard of that went sour were all accessory sales like scopes and bits and pieces.