How do I invite people

So… Because we are awesome and you want to grow this community, you may want invite people to our forum directly.

Theres a really cool way of doing this. You can invite a person directly into a post. For example, you want to invite someone to ‘Say Hello’ post…

Navigate to the post (Say hello and introduce yourself :)).

At the bottom of the post, click the ‘Invite button’.


Add user’s email address, personal message and click ‘Send Invite’.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Cheers mate, I’ve been a part of a whole bunch of forums for all sorts of subjects and I’m really liking the functionality of this one.

Yep. Seems pretty cool but may take me a bit to get my head around the layout and different functions.
The whole ‘trust’ based system seems like a good idea.

Im using an Android and I don’t seem to get the option to “invite”. Or am I just blind? Also I found this thread using the search option. Do we have a help menu?

Look next to your “reply” button at “topic controls”. Invite function shows when that menu expands.

A-ha, that’s where it is. Not same as indicated above.

Apologies, I documented desktop interface.

Apologies, I documented desktop interface.

That explains it
No apology required.

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