Holster and other gear suggestions


Having begun my Cat H journey, put a pistol (or 2) on layby and only about 6 weeks till I can get my own pistol, I’m looking for a couple of holsters.

-A casual holster that will snugly hold a variety of pistols.

-A more focused holster for a Shadow 2 for competition.


-Mag holders

-other stuff that’s useful or shite

Any other advice or wisdom gained over the years.

Price wise I generally stick to mid tier stuff of decent quality but not ridiculous money.

Cheers for any input


There are a couple of threads in the Handgun section, so take a look at those:

(Handgun section)

On holsters, in general, you really need to be thinking about in terms of, storage or competing. ICOR and IPSC are the only two comps you will rely on the holster for safety. Everything else is for storage and any holster will do.

If it’s for competing, you are storing the firearm loaded, so you want to be comfortable in quality of your equipment unless you’d like an extra orifice in an extremity. There’s really no cheap substitute for quality when it comes to safety.

I used to have ‘Ghost One’ (or One S, something like that):

Now, I use DAA Max Holster

Both retain the firearm using retention around the trigger guard.

The Ghost however, I had nothing but problems. There’s a little latch that you flip up or down to lock/unlock the retention system. When you are ready to ‘quick draw’ - unlock, or lock when walking around… It broke and it was pretty flimsy. I fixed it, but it happened again (jammed the locking system so I couldn’t get the gun out, needed a hex-key to loosen the holster), so eventually I just gave up on the idea and went with something simple (DAA). Maybe I was an exception, Ghost is reputable… But that’s my hands-on experience through use, not anecdotal or sponsored. DAA looks like friction fit, but it’s not, similar retention concept.

This is what I use on the belt rig, which I don’t generally use when I don’t need to. Heavy, bulky uncomfortable. My go-to holsters are in those links at the top.

Sometimes I wear the outer belt, if I remember to grab it, without the inner belt. Works fine for casual use.

Regarding the Viper holster (mentioned in one of the links above). full disclosure, I don’t have one or use it. However, I have banged enough guns against holsters and what not to spot issues. It looks to me like it has way too much exposed metal (not coated or covered). If I owned it, 100% I would bang a slide or a barrel on it. I don’t doubt the structural integrity of the unit, but lack of insulation on alloy parts is “typical Australian” as I heard a distributor once say to me about something else that I had issues with. It’s almost there having crazy good potential but missing the finishing touches. Considering the price of toys, I wouldn’t consider a holster like that if there’s even a remote chance of damaging a gun on it. Sorry :frowning:

Honorable (or dishonorable) mention, there are holsters made specifically for firearm model X and generic holsters that can be adjusted. Ghost, Viper, etc. If you have a choice, get the one specific to the firearm, adjusting those things is PITA.


So, this brings us to the belts part. Tried Chinesium, at the lower and upper price ranges, there is definitely a difference between the two, but overall, there’s a huge difference between branded and the rest.

For context:
The outer belt is what you bolt the gear to (literally). This belt is very stiff and thick. It has a velcro liner on the inside. The inner belt is what holds your pants up. It has velcro outer liner. you put on the inner belt, then attach the outer belt with velcro. The belts are all much of a muchness. However, the issue is in the stiching of the velcro liners. All generic belts have very poor-quality stitching and it seems to peel off after some use.

Note the top belt and how velcro is coming off due to stitching, vs the bottom belt (below) with much tighter stitching and extra fabric to prevent fraying:

The cheap one is like $58 from China - the upper band of quality, bust still low quality. The bottom belt is from DB Shooting supplies (CR Speed Hi Torque Belt (db-shootingsupplies.com.au)).

Cheap one got relegated to shotgun carriers.

The other is for IPSC:

Gotcha… The outer belt is thick and stiff (how it’s supposed to be). So the tip of the belt will start peeling off and needs to be secured with something. It will either come with a velcro wrap or a plastic loop:

The plastic loop is very hard to use and a sign of cost-cutting, always go with one that comes with a velcro wrap.

Tried cheap stuff, actually a few… Came to a conclusion that this is something you’d want to get from a reputable dealer (sort of provides some assurance of quality, this one was $85).

Finally, I also found that the overlapping velcro part on cheap belts is very minimal (to save costs I guess).

Notice how there’s a lot more velcro on the top belt. It doesn’t make a difference when the belt is secured on your body. But it makes a tone of difference when you are putting the belt on.

Mag holders

Now, this is Chinesium 100% and I honestly haven’t had a single issue with them. The annoying part (and this is consistent across all models and brands) is adjustments. They need to be bolted to the belt, then pulled apart, adjust angles for best placement, put them together, test, rinse, repeat. Anyway, neither here nor there.

This is what I use:
Vulpo Ipsc Multi-angle Speed Magazine Pouch Adjustment Tactical Pistol Magazine Pouch Airsoft Pistol Holster Pouch - Pouches - AliExpress

Seller that I got them from no longer sells them, but essentially this model. I think they are lite, very durable and reliable. The black nut on the front adjusts tension (how easy it is to yank the mag out).

Unlike friction fit holsters (I hate them, they damage firearms) - all magazine holders are friction fit.
There are heaps of other options, alloy for example, but I haven’t tried them. Plastic seems to be very durable and easy on the equipment.

Yeah, that’s about it.
(@Mullmans, @Supaduke)


Thanks as always for the write up

I had a look at the DAA Holster you linked and there wasn’t a Ts2 option

Could you cast your eyes over this DAA alternative?

They will work @Mullmans… Personally I am not really a fan of pure friction fit however. I do own one, Ghost, for 1911, as far as I know they are the only ones that at least line the inside of the holster with material to protect the gun. Having it rub on plastic like that often can’t be good. Have it well-oiled maybe. Can’t help you here bud :frowning: Sorry. also, reasonably new guns, probably just a matter of waiting a few months for new shipment of compatible holsters.

Well no hurry. I do have a holster for the 686 and I think I have to qualify for holster in a service match or something then there is a subsequent qualification to use one in prac.

No quals needed to carry ammo on the belt so I can sort that out first.