Hi everyone, new here some help would be much appreciated .

Hey guys, I have a Winchester 94 in 32 WCF and its a family heirloom , I’d like to use it but the barrel is worn out . Done some research on factory ammo and its over $2 a shot :flushed: Can anyone tell me a rough cost to reload or would I be beter converting it to a 357 ?

Are you set up to reload or would you be starting from scratch?

Starting from scratch mate.

And another baseline question, would you be looking to get into reloading or just want to bang out a few “once in a while” rounds.

So the cheapest reloading kit you can get is going to be a Lee kit for about $325 (give or take) and add to that dies ($50ish), powder, primers and brass (maybe $100 all up, others here will know more).

So I guess it depends on how much you want to shoot and how much it would cost to convert.

I hunt a lot have since I was a kid just never got into reloading but would like to.

The conversion is a pain because I’ll need mods to the bolt and also feeding the 357 is a prob too apparently so mods there too.
But if it outweighs ammo cost I’ll go that way.

@Nomis is pretty much on the money, it’s ‘how much’ you shoot and is the investment worth it.

What I was about to suggest is, for you to find a Lee 32-20 Classic Lee Loader if it’s a once in a while gun. Quick and easy… But quick googling and I couldn’t see one.

Alternatively, if you want to get into reloading, which is always fun, you’re definitely in the right place. I suspect most people here do and I am pretty sure everyone still have all fingers accounted for.

There are a few guides here that you may find useful:

Hope this helps.

Other than that, welcome to the forum and fire away any questions you may have - someone will know :slight_smile:

Personally, if it’s a heirloom and sounds like it’s a cool piece of history, I’d keep it original. Start up cost of reloading, I suspect would be a lot cheaper than a new barrel, bolt and gunsmith. Plus, a cool new skill under your belt. Not to mention, it will look out of place with new barrel or you’d have to fork out more $ for re-bluing. Reloading is definitely a cheaper and a more practical option in my opinion.

I will take your advice there!
I can get a barrel liner in 32 WCF for $250 and labour at sprinter arms was quoted $$200 so I think that’s the road I’ll take.
Thank you very much mate!

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Yeah, my feeling it probably wouldn’t be worth getting it rechambered.

I’d either cop the cost of ammo if it’ll only be a few times a year or I’d get into reloading. If you really want to get into reloading on the cheap, you don’t have to get a kit. You could just price up the very basics and see what price you get.

I’m going through all this at the moment. For basic reloading, the Lee kit is hard to beat on price.

@Redman First up welcome aboard.

Just some quick numbers;
Powder, ADI AR2207 is $50.00 per 500g
Brass, Starline is $75.00 per 100, new
Primers, CCI SP are $91.00 per 1000
Projectiles, Black Widow 115gn RNFP are $58.00 per 500

So if my math’s is correct (which is anyone’s guess) the break down per round is;

Powder = $0.08 (500g bottle = 7716 grains and each round takes about 13 grains, so you should get 593 rounds per bottle.
Projectiles = $0.12
Primers = $0.09
Brass = $0.75

Total cost is $1.05 per round.

bear in mind that this does not include the cost of the reloading gear or your time to load the rounds.

The 32.20 is a nice little round and as long as you don’t try to run hot loads you should get quite a few reloads from the brass.

Hope this helps.

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Yeah I seeing what your saying plus I have a 6.5x55 that I use very very regularly so reloading will save me a packet there too!
Thank you for your help, really appreciate it mate ! :beers:

@juststarting see a man of taste here, has 2 great calibers and if he has a 30-06 then look out.

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Awesome! Thank you!! :+1:

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bear in mind, after you pay that initial $1.05 per round, brass is essentially free (yes! I stand by my math!), so more like 30c for second firing onwards until brass gives in, which in straight-wall cases is a looooong time.

I never said that 6.5x55 is not a great round, it’s a fantastic round. I don’t own one, but on paper it’s epic.


As normal you are spot on.
I was just giving a start up cost so the first 100 rounds could be loaded.

yep, you’re right, I was just expanding on my funny money math

That’s what I like to hear! I have plenty off brass in 32 :+1:

If you want a .357 Magnum rifle I’d suggest you’re better off getting a Rossi, Henry or Marlin which is already chambered in that cartridge.