Henry single shot rifles


Have any of you guys seen or heard anything about these rifles coming into Australia?
With Henry already importing into the Aussie market I’d expect them to come in and to be a bunch cheaper than the new martinis we looked at the other week.

Just watched a couple of YouTube videos of the 45-70 and it looks impressive.
Can’t see any reason why they would not bring them in but it’s hard to know how the powers to be will act.

Yeah. They run about $500 in the states so should be about a grand over here.
One in .243 would be real nice, also a 45-70, just coz.
They were released in 2017 in the US but I haven’t seen any over here, it’s almost like Australia only gets rapid fire murder guns now, lol!

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The lack of a safety might preclude their import.

They all have transfer bars and half cock safety.

But that may not satisfy customs.

@GUN-DMC I think single shot for $1k is excessive.

At USD500, which is about $900 including Australia tax, it would be very hard for them to find a market fit, when same in lever action is only a couple hundred more. And on a scale of hundreds, I think most people would rather a bigger mag and ability to plink, then this.

Yeah but how does that help an old fudd like me?

You’re not old or a fud. LOL Nice try, though.

Even a $1000 It’s a lot cheaper than a Thompson single shot And those and the bergara singles seem to sell, but I like the classic look of the henry more.

Nope. This any day, over single shot for the same price.

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Well Yeah Maybe. I must say your henry 357 mag is the smoothest lever gun I’ve ever shot.

I’m afraid I have to agree with JS, that lever action looks like a great option

It’s pretty stupid if companies can’t bring out a single shot rifle cheaper than a bloody repeater though, isn’t it?
Ruger charge an arm and a leg for no. 1’s, you can buy a ruger bolt or even a semi (if you have the licence) for under a grand.

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There’s a couple of things here… First the buying power. Simply put, companies selling items here need to sell them for a high price, because Australia has less people. And even a smaller amount of shooters. Then there’s a market fit, a price point that people will accept, because it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it and significantly covers a gap in the market, which really there isn’t in this country. Lever actions are reasonably common, so the price is reasonable, just. Then there’s single shot rifles that cost money to make, to get here and to be sold in a smaller quantity. Companies need to recover costs and all that combined gives you a high price and a poor market fit. Ergo, a lot of guns don’t come here or come here at highly inflated price with hope to sell a few quickly of the hype.

In case of Ruger single shot, I’d say it’s more of a status symbol than a gun. It’s a boring toy and a very overpriced tool. That leaves us with a trophy gun (straight to the pool room) (@Supaduke eh! Your theory in action) and trophy guns have no price point.


I wish these were more common.
In fact I wish I had a spare $600 right now

Yeah those stupid thompson single shot owners :joy: would buy again though!

500 S&W is an exceptional case.

When are you picking up the press…

Nothing wrong with the T/C mate, just pricey for a simple gun and more modern looking than I’d like. if I was you I’ll just keep adding barrels to the collection now.

I wonder, with all those guns like Thomson, H&R and anything that supposedly can change calibres with barrels, in a break open action… How much of it is bs. I know you can mix and match barrels. But wouldn’t inconsistencies in hinges/locking lugs on different barrels mess up headspacing?