Help with choosing bunny scope

Whats everyone recommend for a scope? I’m gonna make my 515 a bit of a bunny busting rig, but unsure what optic to put on it. By all accounts its an accurate gun so I want something that at least gives me a chance hit some paper at 50m. So i guess that rules red dots out. Thoughts on cheap 1-4x optics? More compact the better.

Not xactly 1-4 but I always struggle to go past anything Leupold, they offer some really nice 3-9x40mm Rimfire Riflescope’s. For your application you could get a nice scope for a good price. I doubt you would regret getting one… Obviously there are other options, but I’m a big fan of Leupold. Perhaps I’m biased, anyhoo thats my opinion… doubt you would be disappointed with one… Horses for courses when it comes to scopes…

Btw… Welcome to the forum, great to have you here☺

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I would want more than 4x for bunnys at 50m. I would recommend a 3 - 9x40 in whatever brand / price range you are happy with.
I have a fixed 6x on a .222 that’s been great on bunnys at the ranges you’re looking at,so something like that is an option too.


It depends on your budget, @anon73442478. I found that lower magnification compact optics are actually quite expensive. 3-9 or 3-12 are not super compact but probably the most versatile and best bang for your buck.

From what you’re saying, this is something you’d be after:

Again, depends on the budget. Also keep in mind the reasonably small objective lens, that would make it pretty hard and dusk and dawn, speaking from experience here.

Main question is budget and how compact.

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I always like to go a little bigger than what you need just incase, better to be over magnified than under.
I would go a 3 x 9 x 40 if walking or a 4 x 12 x40 if sitting on a warren picking them off when they appear.

I would go with a VORTEX DIAMONDBACK 4-12X40 for around $450.

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Vortex , Leupold and Nikon all make great scopes in 3-9 and 4-12. I would also throw Zerotech into the ring. Bought a 4-12 Zerotech recently and it’s very good for the price point.

@anon73442478 here you go, exactly what you want, low magnification and compact.

I put one of them cheap ass AEOG 6-24x50 mill dot scopes off eBay on one of my 22’s for a giggle and to my surprise it’s actually pretty good apart from the fact it’s huge in size :joy:

I had a fixed 4 power on my first .22. Pretty much always kept thinking… Should have got a fixed 6 power…

I have a 3x9 on it now. Usually stays down around 3 to 4 power but can easily wind the magnification when required.