Have we experienced the peak of coolness with 22s?

Just wondering have we (Australia) topped out with cool 22 offerings?

For example, the A22R is just left over and modified stock of A22. Likewise, 515 is 512 updated for AU. However, they are not made any more, so once those stocks are depleted, that’s it.

The two are very fun guns.

The other end of the spectrum are bolt actions. And in the middle various pump, revolver and lever actions.

22LR, the calibre being constant, we are only looking at tech here and with everything that’s out, I am sort of sad and a little pessimistic that we may have topped out at the 22LR market.

Thoughts? Discuss.

I’m sort of surprised we aren’t seeing “Tacticool” lever-action .22s like we are with the .30/30s etc - I mean, there’s a trend that I think we can honestly say we didn’t see coming.

As for .22s, there’s still innovation to be done there - I’ve got a few ideas on paper but I simply don’t have the money or technical connections to have them turned them into prototypes by a licensed armourer/gun-maker, much less actually produce them for sale.

The thought makes me retch

Yeah, tacticool lever actions… Oooof, even I wouldn’t go there. And I own a 7615!

The peak of 22s coolness ended abruptly way back when all the semis like Ruger 10-22 were moved to cat C.
After that 22s got real uncool real fast.


I guess your baseline is a bit older than mine, I can totally see how that would be a VERY uncool situation. But, I am talking about now (albeit a lower “coolness” bar).

What makes a 22 cool though?

Is it how taciticool you can make it, or how fun it is to shoot? Or even historically valued it might be, like a milsurp trainer?

If it was from a pure fun point of view, I would argue that your Alfa Carbine was way more thrilling to shoot than your 515 was, and thus more cool.

I think what we find peak cool will change.

Regardless, they all exist, so one or the other, both are peak cool… Anything else, anything new, you know what I mean…

Well let’s look at what we have

Any and all AR-15 style .22lr, nope , won’t get in.

Ruger 10/22, it’s basic blowback design makes it unsuitable for an interrupted action.

Cz 512, we got the 515

Savage, they make 2 or three different .22lr semis, we got the best one A22R

Mossberg Blaze, they mostly seem to be based on full size battle rifles, unlikely to get past customs again.

Lots of high end 10/22 clones, same issue, unsuitable for modifications

Marlin model 60, maybe

Browning , doubtful, really old design, sleek and efficient. Not a lot of room to tinker.

AR7 survival style rifles, no market

Our only hope at this point is the Turks.

Adler had some internet fluff circulating about a lever release .22 but I’ve heard nothing for years.

Have I made you all sad yet?
The current American gun market is selling everything it can make. No one is going to fk about investing in the RandD and tooling up of a new .22 , especially for a market as tiny as Australia.

Turks or nothing.

Does anyone make a double barreled 22? Like a side by side kind of thing? I think that could be pretty cool, though I guess it would be much easier to just get adapters for an existing 12G.

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You need professional psychiatric help @Tempestman! I approve. LOL you’re like a baby version of @Bigpete

I’ve seen sxs 22 hornets



I think we can be optimistic and rely on capitalism. All the gun companies know they have to provide something new to the market to enthuse and inspire shooters to get them to buy another gun. You can expect gun owners to keep buying the same old gun year after year.

They have been selling the same guns for 50+ years, AR styles are about the only newish thing in years. Anything cool will get knocked back on appearance laws.
Aussie companies have tried but it’s a really tough market. Bolt action is a proven fundamental, very little new there, beyond more expensive match actions like vuudoo.
I’m starting to think the CZ 515 is where it peaks. A22 close behind.

Several cool concepts from the states have already been knocked on the head. Another disincentive for gun makers, getting past arbitrary gun and import laws.

The basic function of a gun is pretty boring and yes it hasnt changed much in more than 50 years. It would be 50+ years of AR types by now. So what is the best new thing going to be? Have faith humans have been finding new ways to kill stuff for 10,000 years why should it stop now.

As it stands, gun technology has plateaued.
AR, AK, Bolt action, pump, lever, semi. Nothing has fundamentally changed for 60+ years. Materials have improved, manufacturing has improved. Optics have improved. Fundamentally, an 1896 Mauser will go toe to toe with any modern gun in terminal performance.
A serious change will require a different propellant or some form of energy weapon like a rail gun or laser. Both would require a huge improvement in battery tech.
Lead is the most cost effective projectile. Depleted uranium is obviously not a great choice.
Materials and accessories are where it’s at. The brass cartridge system has hit the wall of diminishing returns.
I don’t like being the party pooper but I have pondered this subject long and hard in the search for new and interesting guns.

@Bigpete - That looks dope as hell, though looks very dear lol.

@Supaduke, imagine when rail guns become commercial available, and they come on the Cat A/B licence. I think all of us would be queuing up for one.

Dope…geez you remind me of my 10 year old and his mate saying that :confounded::confounded:

That pump action 22 that Warwick was developing looked promising. I think the last iteration of 22LRs for our market is basically an AR furniture pump action like what they were offering: it came with a wooden stock that could be swapped straight out for the A2 style stock and grip setup of your wildest fantasies. Shame it never went ahead. Took BX mags too.