Gun Safety Rule Number One illustrated. What not to do.

Below is a clip on how not to do it.
While it is a funny to watch it highlights the dangers that are faced when visiting the range.
Great reaction by the RO/instructor.

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Saw that while cruising facey this morning, i really wonder what was going through ole’ mates head that he thought it was a great idea to point a pistol at assumingly has mates head, what a dumb dumb

FMD. Glad the RO jumped on that as quick as he did.

What a dickhead.

Yep it blew my mind watching it, had to watch it a couple of times just to try and work him out.

Thanks to @juststarting for sorting the link out so it would work.



I finally got enough atmospheric condition in my favor to watch this vid… wow I am [email protected]#kin speechless!!!
Might be worth banning phones /cameras forward of the safety line!!!
I don’t use a range so I might be totally out of line with the suggestion??? :beers:
Ps that ro’s response time was amazing.

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One more…
Warning, ends badly. But could have been a lot worse.

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I would guess that he has put a laser on and is checking to see if it works. Not real smart.

What did he think was going to happen if he placed his hand in front of the muzzle and pulled the trigger :joy:

Dumb dumb dumb…

This thread does not make me want to shoot at a range… too unsafe!!! :rofl:

WTF…that is literally the dumbest person I have ever seen!

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