Gun adds I wish I could buy!

Hey STOP discouraging the purchase of another safe… And the need to make use of it… No point having an another safe, with only one additional gun in it…

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I have a 5 gun safe filled with 12 shotguns stackked top n tails, shotguns fit well like that.

Yeah, the scopes stuff you up–11805.html
Just something weird, a Mauser 98 in 303-25

I’d buy that thing just for collecting purposes, lol :grin:

10 GA enough said!

So hard right now!


IMI Timberwolf, pump action 357.

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A good cheap start to a custom 12 bore gun if you’re keen, only $150 its a bloody bargain!

$280 if you are in VIC.

Still a good buy, I already have one but I’d buy it anyway if only I had a job!!!

I know, one of my favourite shoguns (of yours) to shoot.

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Sooo, that’s bad news. Did they finish you up?

My jobs still there but im not able to do it unfortunately.

Are you heading off to Africa on an elephant safari???
Nice rifle.

Na mate, just compensating!

@Brett This thing has your name all over it
450 Marlin revolver.

I’ve already got one similar :slight_smile:
BFR 45-70 10" Barrel

I call this one the “Wrist Muncher” cause it boots more then any other pistol I’ve shot, makes the 500 S&W feel like a 9mm.

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