Graphite the necks when reloading

I have seen a few people mention they put graphite on the case nervous when reloading… what is the reason?

I ultrasonic clean my brass, is it necessary or only for wet pin tumblers.

Obviously the last wisdom what product do you apply. And I am assuming its applied with a cotton tip or do you just dip it in a vat of graphite.


Not so much for “reloading”. You dip the mouth of the case in graphite to lube the inside of the neck. Every third case or so.

When you’re doing FL sizing, it will lubricate the expander ball and it will go like butter. Obviously need to lube the case body, but this reallyyyy help.

Just as JS has put it here is the best way to do it, it also lubes up the outside of the case neck also helping it to slip out of the die easier if that makes sense.

Here is what I use. I opened the container you use to apply it so you could see what’s inside. You dip the neck in, as you can see from the picture on the pack too.
With the convenience pack, you get the application media and a small container of graphite that will last a long time.
This was $35, and I think I got it in Frankston Vic.

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Ohh I thought people use it before seating projectile, for consistent neck grip. Maybe I misread

Hmm if I can see if I was FLS this would make applying lube so much easier

Graphite is like $6 from any hardware store and Woolies. $35 is sucker country.

Yep. I’m a sucker, and chose to be.
Before I’d bought that, I already knew you can get graphite cheap.
I wanted the media and the extra graphite and liked the containers they came in.
It was all there nicely pre packaged for me. The price of convenience.
In the scheme of things, 30 bucks is nothing.

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I am with you on this one, nice tidy little package and from memory the media is ceramic.
When I first started reloading (many winters ago) I went and brought some graphite powder, thinking that I would use a lot I brought 1kg. Well I still have 3/4 of it left and I even spilled some.

I have a supply of those containers and bunch of BBs, so all I had to shell out for was the the graphite. Still though, $30 for that is a robbery. It’s a good product, just robbery at the price.

I think the smaller the shot size the greater the transfer & coverage. Im using 6s because that was the smallest i had. But i think 8s would be close to ideal.