Gel blasters to need firearms license in SA

Poor guys down in SA are now being told from tomorrow they need a firearms license and register their gel blasters else hand them in to the cops. Next they’ll go after NERF since it’s a similar piston and spring action.

That is the stupidest shit I’ve read in a long time.

Yeah, a lot of pissed of people on the gel blaster forums today.

Was looking bad up here in Queensland for a bit but the new regs aren’t bad. We don’t need to be a member of a club, genuine reason can be just because I like the look of them. just need to secure them when transporting and don’t go waving them around in public.

Would be reallllly good if all the pissed off gel bluster forum chest beaters actually got of their arse and went, oh ok… And flood the registry with licence applications.

Yeah and not spread out over the 6 months of amnesty, but all on the same day.

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The problem for them is they now can’t even have a plink in the back yard or play a game on private property. Can’t just buy your kid a toy blaster.

They are to be treated like paintball which will now severely cripple the sport

Compare that to up here in QLD where more shops are opening every week and more and more fields opening all the time. I’ve got a few indoor cqb and outdoor fields within 10 min of me.

I guess we got lucky up here as there was already so much money in the industry. 1 companies got 13-14 stores around the state, others have 2-3 around. one shop had a launch of a new model blaster on the weekend. 250 sold out in 45 minutes @ $500 a piece.

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Good. Hopefully those kids grow up and start buying real firearms. More licensed shooters and firearms owners. That’s a good thing!

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And then realise that if they’re going to need a licence, may as well get into actual firearms.

I’d love it if a company made a series of .22 straight pulls in stocks to look like M1s etc. Like how in the States you can get an M1 stock for your 10/22. We can but dream.

To be honest, if we could own gel blasters here in Vic, I’d likely own a bunch just to have a replica of all stuff we can’t have.

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Yep lol

If you want replicas, you have three options… Collector license and get proper funs or deactivated. Meh.

You can look at

Or something fun, you can get a 3D printer, print miniatures and get onto model painting.


I’m watching the SAPOL press conference. Good to hear the scorn in the reporters questions. They clearly think that it’s bullshit.

I understand that the police don’t want people walking around with realistic looking firearms and shooting children in the head at playgrounds but maybe the dumbest thing is, there is an easy middle ground, just let people own them but make it illegal to have them out in public. Not hard.

We’re on this one and were talking to media providing background info this morning - it’s badly thought out and we’ll be fighting it.


Perhaps an easier solution because I kind of think that as toys they should be allowed out in public. otherwise you grow up like @juststarting shouting PEW PEW when playing cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers. When I was a kid we had the cap guns either pistols with little revolver type caps or the paper tape type caps guns that made there own noise. An alternative rule could be that you have to be under 18/21 to own or use one in public.

No, no, no, let them get into real guns :slight_smile:

Same, jokes aside, a completely ridiculous decision and an embarrassment to the country. Soon, we will wear compulsory helmets when walking on pavement. Over regulation and nanny state gone mad.

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The plan is to encourage both :smiley:

I really like your airsoft approach too. Fantastic thinking.

Thought you might. :smiley:

Interesting reactions on the Adelaide subreddit. Pretty evenly split between “This is dumb”, “They could regulate without going this far” and “Oh thank god, I was so scared for my safe community”.

However, Reddit is notoriously left wing so the fact that a decent number of people on there are saying they aren’t happy is a positive sign.


Or move to Queensland, where you can own replicas (including Cat D and Cat R replicas from February) just because you think they look cool :slight_smile:

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Yeah, nah…