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This is far too real.

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Where’s the" I stand behind Alec Baldwin" meme.

Edge is actually my browser of choice right now, @Gregfiddich. Adobe, however, mmmm, nope.

Really ! Edge is what the work computers force open from sharepoint even if you set Chrome as the default browser.

The algo has picked it up now.

chrome and Edge are essentially the same browser, built on top of Chromium (opensource browser). Really, these days, same, same… Only thing, with MS products, you are more or less, using a product. With Google products you are the product.

Maybe i should not shut it down so quick then.

I love the begging when you fresh install a copy of windaz and the first brower entry is “c h r o m e” and MS Edge is like “Whoa what are you doing, put that down no, you don’t need switch already just gimme a second chance baby, wait, come on, please, look Edge can do that too plus it have all these cool widgets and…”


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Totally, glad you’ve set me on the right path. I’m not very good with computers.


Perhaps you should take a course :rofl:

I was thinking the same thing.

I wouldnt bother, i doubt the computer fad will last much longer.
As long as you have a 30-06 and an abacus you’ll be fine!


Ooof sure hope this wasnt aimed at me.

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You thilly thausage, I was making fun of the software not you!


I think we all know this to be BS!!

Broadly, yes, this is all bullshit. But specifically, what are you referring to?