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Elf on the shelf, providing support…

(@sungazer, see I have pointy 308 :slight_smile: Sometimes the elf borrows it though)

@juststarting Very nice a black scary one to boot. With all the good gear an Atlas bipod?

It’s green. Bad lighting, but the actual rifle is black. I know, scary.

Bipod, nope, just an eBay cheapy. Works lol :slight_smile:
I’ll take some more photos.

I have one of those eBay atlas bipods too, best 15bucks ever, I don’t understand how they can sell them 300+ bucks.

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I got one of the ebay Harris bipods well 5 Actually. One of them has kind of bent pretty easily, I think from recoil and it has made it kind of loose and because of the bend wont really tighten up properly without a little bit of rocking.

I suppose it depends who makes them. I have a couple of Harris style bipods, from x_hunter (local seller). One used to be on my 308, before I got new chassis, saw a lot of use and is still going strong. However, both are a bit flimsy when it comes to glueing rubber pads to protect the stock. I had to epoxy mine. Structurally however, awesome.

Fifteen bucks!?!
Think i paid about $80for mine… now i feel used! :laughing::neutral_face:

Think Atlas style was 30 delivered and Haris were around there too.



Sheesh, what paper was that in?

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This really falls into the category “Tell him he’s dreaming” rather than a funny pic

Comment: Selling my Custom Remington 700 built specifically for Long Range Precision shooting. The rifle was built at Custom 37 by a Master Gunsmith and has the following components •Trued Rem 700 action
•Custom bolt knob and shroud
•Badger bottom metal
•Accuracy International 10 shot Magazine
•Jewl Trigger
•Terminator T3 muzzle brake
•TSE Precision #5 profile barrel 30”
•McMillian A5 Adjustable stock Cerakoted in Magpul FDE
•Metal work Cerakoted in Graphite Black
•Action is Pillar and Glass Bedded.
Rifle has never been fired and cost in excess of $7000 to build. Genuine reason for sale.

Just for comparison my Rem 700 paid $1200. Then I went silly and spent quite a bit but there is no way it added up to $7000 using more expensive components than his. A bit silly on my behalf really.
for example
Lumley Bottom Metal SS $290 :Needed to convert to DBM no extra value
ACIS Magazine 10 round $199 or 5 round much lighter $125 :You need some sort of magazine no extra value
Huber Concepts trigger $850 now only $485 :disappointed_relieved: in comparison jewel Trigger $450 gone up
The Huber is a very nice two stage which I like and the Remington possibly needed to be replaced by recall
Muzzle break $275
Bartlien Barrel fitted world champion class $1000 fitted along with trueing action TSE a local made button rifle
Action Pillar bedded pillars come with Bottom Metal and self bedded
Stock $ 400-1000
Cerakoted ?

No way it can add up to $7000 only just up to 5 with spending $1500 on a stock

I think he wants a new table in the pool room, mate!

Let’s say i put my trued, spec’d up Howa in GRS hybrid stock and bedded it… you think i could get $2500 for it?
Even with a ‘light’ straight taper Truflite barrel (which is anything but ‘light’), trued action and AICS mag system on it, it’s still just a Howa…

I’ll just leave this here…

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For the pimp who has everthing…

Those two clowns put on a good show. But even so there is something to be taken away from that vid for the prepper. Having some silver bullets in a nice display case is kind of essential for Dracula invasion and werewolf attacks. I am sure we could come up with a good .223 HP at about 60-70 grns

Until now copper, brass and lead were the only precious metals I cared about!