Looking for help - harris style bipod on eBay

Hi, seem a stupid question for you blokes. Haven’t used a blood before.
But I see there are similar to these on eBay for $21. (see image below) But I can’t find this type that fit straight onto the QD/sling swivel. Most that do have springs on them that look ugly and likely to snag on branches etc.
Can you get adaptors for these to allow me to do that? Maybe some sort of weaver / piccaniny style mount?

Are you asking about where to get a bipod that attaches to sling swivels?

Ok, I see what you mean…

On eBay, search for “swivel to rail adapter”. There are a few around the $8 mark, but I don’t think the bipod will mount on those, because they don’t have rail groves, rather dovetail type…

However, I also noticed this one:

This is $53. Looks quite sturdy and exactly what you need to mount that bipod.

BIG BUT - all of them will snag as much as each-other. Springs or no springs. When folded, springs are out of the way and you’d sooner snag the sling, then springs; and occasional snag is probably worth $.

The bipods from x-hunter on ebay are pretty good. They are the Harris style with the springs no big deal. The have the notched legs which make them easier and quicker to deploy than the fully adjustable but have to screw tight legs a real pain. They also have the large CANT lever having the rifle horizontally level is important esp at any distance as any elevation offset in you scope then becomes windage and vise versa

Oooh… I need one of those Caldwell hobbies for my t-bolt. Just what I’ve been looking for!

@Oldbloke. The “Atlas” Chinese knock offs from eBay are pretty good as well. I pulled mine to bits, wet’n’dried any rough bits and used loktite to put it back together as I found Italy a bit loose to begin with. It ain’t no $300 “Atlas” but it’s a good cheap pod.
Also, the springs that work the locking pins to hold the feet in are dodgy on mine, even though they are adjustable.