Forum updates and changes

Forum updates will be implemented shortly to measure your contribution to the forum. From lonely recruit, through to scummy NCO, general and for the most respected and productive members of the forum - the coveted Armchair General.

Get your best avatar-whoring content going! Polish your mouse, shine that keyboard. The keyboard warriors will be rewarded!

Gosh. I sure hope the titles are diverse and inclusive dear leader :slight_smile:

And you get a car

Sounds like some sort of IT porn party.


Ive always liked that this forum is a level playing field without the silly rankingvsystems of other sites.

Guess if there’s military style ranks, i’ll get the “reservist” title :nerd_face::+1:

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I agree but egos have gotta be fed i guess.

@Gwion since you are across the strait, you have the potential to be a fully fledged rear admiral, but as it stands right now, you are just a lonely seamen :rofl:

Can’t i be an irregular infantry gorilla???
And, no, that wasnt a typo :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Do you need to take us offline for 28 days? :joy: :love_you_gesture:


Two week post approval process…

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I vote we remove the need for butthole pics when applying to join. I found it an odd request and I hurt my back taking the photo.


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I have a rank, it’s lowly but it’s the best rank there is.
Gunner Bentaz reporting for duty, sir!


Yeah I don’t know. Maybe a Powder Monkey.

I nearly coughed up a lung you old chucklef*ck!

I will have to try harder lol

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Chairborne Commando

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@juststarting so when do the changes take effect mate?

don’t know, maybe the next 1st April :wink:


Bahahahahahaha well played Sir. :beer::+1:t2: