Every Sunday - what I did in guns this week.

Will you have a gun in your pocket for those hugs…

SSAA got to me…my old VAPA did open access too, but it wasnt easy…

It may feel like it but he’ll just be pleased to see you.


No, I’ll just be happy to see you.

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I thought there was some sort of “gun show loophole” where you could buy a sten gun without a licence?

This week I found out our rental is being sold, so i packed up the reloading room ready to move. Then my mate dropped over with my modified 16ga resizing ring that screws into the rcbs cowboy 12ga die so il can make 12/14 greener brass, so i started unpacking reloading stuff. Lol
My big shifter is at the farm though so i can’t get the bloody removable bit out of the press so it’ll take the big dies.

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Mate, moving sucks, even if it’s your idea.

I’ve been living on the same property for 26yrs now, but had to move 15km to a different house on the other side of the place 13yrs ago. Fuckery, but I’ve got this one for life so it’s only very minor fuckery by comparison .

Good luck with it.

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Tell me about it mate.
Im 45yo, i half own a house in vic, i’m part owner of 3500 acres an hour and a half from here and my GF owns a houes too, and we’re still deali g with rental bullshit.

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Goose curry for dinner.