Every Sunday - what I did in guns this week.

I aim at the sun.

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Bedded and floated my newly acquired Anschutz 1450…came up really well with Armourgrout. Test fire it next Sunday…

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How’s the duplicator coming along?
That’s what I’m really keen to see of yours mate!

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Yeah good…just found a nice solid piece of timber to mount it all on. Gotta wire up the VFD and spindle motor. But its getting there! Should be a fun toy!!! Will post progress pics as it happens…I actually got the idea off a guy named Kevin Wright, shotgun stock maker, he was wanting another machine built for himself. Im about $1k deep so far, so not too bad.

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I came 5th and 6th overall in Service 25 and Service Unrestricted at the NT Titles. 1st and 2nd in my grades. What a cool compeititive environment. I can’t wait for the upcoming interclubs and interstate matches! This gives me a reason to leave the NT and do camping trips with good alibis for the missus; "Im representing our club, this isn’t some camping trip with the boys, geez!

My first serious comp and I loved it! Yeah!!


Well done man!

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Well done mate!

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Nice work Jizz, glad you had fun, and your results are nearly as good as the new reusable alibis :grinning:

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Tell me if heading to WA!

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I will be next Easter.
Silhouette Nationals,
Start practising and we’ll see you there…

Nothing in WA, fuck Mclown

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Picked up the cap I’ve had on laybuy

And a few boxes of Magtech cowboy action loads. :sweat_smile: Kmon confess the rest.

$900 hat

Came with an ATA 308, no scope yet and I’ll grab some ammo next visit to the shop

The other ammo is just for my 686


Playing pew, out the back verandah door into the rain, one of jelly’s deadly enemies:

While makin’ bacon on the front verandah


Thats living the dream right there mate!

You’re right there my friend, I visit friends in town and it’s like being in a fucking fishbowl.

Standing in a mate’s dunny taking a leak a few weeks back, looked out the window and there, about 5 or 6m away was their neighbour, I assume taking a piss in his dunny.

What a way to live.

This friend lives in a development that has all manner of bullshit rules like what sort of letterbox or front door you can have, fascist bastards.

I’d rather go to China and get a job licking doorknobs.


But really, would you? Lol

He’s right though. Some of the new houses I see have eaves hanging over each other!!!

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It’s getting pretty dense where I am, but door knobs… :rofl: