Every Sunday - what I did in guns this week.

I don’t want to jinx it!

But it is taking a while compared to my last one. They must have had a massive influx when they announced changes to the law.

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Its the McClown and Ablo Labor of love show now, so we can all expect pain!

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Load development. Jumping up 1gn until pressure signs. Love it.


Finally, I will have my special super dooper race gun for Service match at home, and will be able to achieve that 800 score soon. Today, the weather was beeeeea yoooootiful. Ice cold 17 degrees. Still had two aways for a 792 because its shooting to the right. Or maybe I am. Or maybe its because we had no timer. Or because I used club ammo.

I dunno, but there are so many excuses in this fuggin handgun gun game that Im pretty sure its me! Its like chess and golf and bridge all rolled into to one! Absolute bastard of the thing. Why do I enjoy this???

EDIT: Also, one of the guys at the club turns out made a youtube video that I really liked! 416 Ruger vid. What a legend, and how cool to put 2+2 together. Thought he looked familiar!


300 Norma’s got a run out to a mile in 34km/h full value winds.

Was good learning experience as we typically shoot < 15km/h winds.

Mine is the one at the back but they are the same.


Did you hit anything at those ranges though mate?
Not trying to be a smartass, just generally interested as i couldnt generally hit a barn from the inside.

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Valid question mate.

3/10 impacts. 1m square target. Definately no first round hits in that wind but elevation was on point. Means the gun is dialed in i just need to get better at wind estimation. Whatever you think the wind is add more is what I’m taking away from it.

Mine are the three in the top left. Mates Norma are the two on the right.


That target at that distance is. 65mils or 2.23 moa, so not a tiny target. The gun is shooting <.5moa @100m and sd’s are <15fps. The Norma is still supersonic there so not really a challenge for it, only for me which is what I’m after.


Which range is that at mate?

A block on a friend’s farm. 9km long and 3.5km wide so nice and safe to blast away.

Edit: sorry @Supaduke , did you mean distance or location. Incase you were after distance it was 1545m.



CZ515 (may have given that away)

Sulan Tac-12

ATA 308


I meant location, be nice to have a place to test your capabilities. Looks amazing

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I put together a few gifs showing the results of 12 years of research into the 44-40 pressures. Started pressure testing loads in 2018.

Details of the results can be found on the 44-40 website here: Chasing the 44-40 - Pressure Testing


Are there any visual pressure signs that can be used?

I guess that things like flat primers will not happen or if they do flatten the gun would already have blown up well before that would occur.

Out of all of the tests that I have done, the shooter will far exceed the SAAMI 11,000psi/13,000cup MAP pressures before seeing any “flattening” signs of the primers.

If you are loading high pressures for the Model 92’ rifle, you might start seeing primers getting a bit flat on the surface at 18,000cup, which was Winchester’s 44 WHV service pressure. I have never seen primers flat enough to even begin to fill the primer pocket rim.

This would be a good test for future references. Maybe if the cost of primers come down, I can preform such tests.

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While the '92 Winchester action is stronger than the '73 it is not really a strong action by modern standards. I’ve seen folks totally stuff a good gun (both originals and modern replicas), by chasing higher velocities because they thought that was how to do it. Stick with velocities that duplicate blackpowder loadings and you’ll be fine. You might find that they tend to be quite accurate as well, after all, that’s how the cartridge was designed to work.

This is the exact myth that gets folks in trouble. Using fast burning powders to achieve original ballistics will get you in trouble. Do understand that the older powders used below could have deteriorated and could have actually produce higher pressures during their time.

Vintage Comparison

Give the following gifs a little time to load.

Black Powder gif
Smokeless Powder Curves
vintage vs BP


So, wouldn’t you choose a powder that replicates; as close as possible; burn rates of the original loadings and stay within or close to pressure spec?

Not that I have any experience with this cartridge. In reference to @danmac post; if you’re looking for higher velocities (and I mean velocities well beyond what is the norm for the cartridge), wouldn’t you just change to a different platform that safely offers results within the parameters you seek?

So I finally had a free Saturday and went up to Jarrahdale for field rifle to sight in my 223

Only to 50m so far… I’m going to need some binoculars or something because I can’t see tiny holes any further than that :grin:

Also bumped into a couple of blokes from my pistol club in sswa conservation gear so now I know who to buddy up with!