Eureka Stockade - Australian made lever release 223

Well, things are getting interesting.


Eureka Stockade - Assembly and Disassembly (video)

Things are moving. Things are exciting. Fantastic to see locals giving it a go!


Was surprised to see the vote on Sporting shooter with the Fail vote currently leading double all the positive reactions.

Had a look on Reddit, and all the criticism seems to be about its appearance.

Reddit is where ferrals post. Takes about 20 seconds of looking through the sub to realise its the lowest common denominator of LAFO IQ that sits there. Some questions are truly mind numbing dumb.


Well the consensus amongst the ferals is that it looks shit.
As far as that goes I think it is an irrelevant way to judge a firearm, you shoot them, not sleep with them.

Not sure how I fully feel about this one. Half of me is tempted to cancel my PB-223 order and support local instead, but the the look of just a solid block of aluminum is turning me off it.

I recognise that fire control group.

I’m with you on the block of ally look, but I figure there’s always Cerakote as a worst case fix, although raw ally might not end up as their final product release.
I think they’re really just showing us the progress at this stage, when they’re using 3d printed bits in lieu of the actual parts you can assume they not finished yet.

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I’ve never owned something with a gas system - is it difficult to clean any of the carbon build up?

Looks super cool though - like the fact there’s a separate upper. Should be easier to clean than the 515.

My only negative take away from it after watching the video was that they are using their own trigger system and not one that is say AR15 compatible that can be swapped out for different aftermarket triggers. That may be so it can be easily converted to a semi but it IMHO is a big disadvantage.

Not sure if there is any extra info here but the WA shops are expecting stock around easter

And it’s black

The photos of the all black one look a lot nicer, it’s slowly starting to grow on me. I wonder if the magazine will be proprietary

I would be commercial suicide to have a proprietary mag on something like this. Hopefully the shroud could be swappable (not a deal breaker). I think 3 x bolt takedown is a bit out there. Pins would have worked a lot better. And more bolts, there’s just too many bolts. The 2kg is not horrible. Other than that, I don’t think it’s ugly. It’s obviously going to get painted with something. It’s certainly (in my eyes) looks better than any pump action rifle of this style.

Very exciting times, and even more so because locals are giving it a crack.


Yep I think I I’ll wait for this.

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Yep same here, fingers crossed this could be be a winner.

"The Stockade runs AR-type magazines, pistol grips and butts, and is compatible with many other accessories.

There are M-LOK attachment points on the fore-end as well as a full-length Picatinny rail on top of the rifle.

Rick said timber stocks will be available and some versions will have a more commercial look to them. "

I reckon a timber stock would be mint.

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I’ve often found it interesting that Reddit is literally the only place we get (often quite vocal) negative comments on the stuff we post/share. Pretty much everything we post there seems to get people coming out of the woodwork to criticise what we’re doing or how we’re doing it.

This is in stark contrast to… almost literally everywhere else we talk about what we’re doing.


Reddit is for neckbeards


Clicked the button. Going to go get a refund on my deposit for the PB-223, which I still haven’t heard anything about (must be still stuck in Turkey). Much rather support Aussie made, and it seems like Eureka / ASA are receptive to feedback.


Found the /k/ fan