Entry Level Over/under options.

Thinking that an over/under 12 gauge is in my future.

This does not need to be anything at all fancy and my budget will be limited to an absolute maximum of a thousand dollars.

What should I be looking at?

So far I’ve seen a second hand Akkar Churchill for $800 and a crap Baikal for $400. I was also shown a new Turkish shotgun by a company called Armed (dumb name) for $750 which to my very untrained eye looked not terrible.

Pm sent mate

$1k for o/u is plenty of money (hides from inevitable attack). Just need to know what to look for, but I am sure there are folks here, who can help with that.

I’m bought an ATA 686 which is some Turkish Beretta knock off like all the rest, i think it was like $700 then at the time there was a $200 cash back from Nioa after that, so it was almost free lol. I’m not really into shotties & just bought it to see if i liked skeet, which i don’t so i’ve only used it a few times but i can’t fault it, it works perfectly and the fit & finish is really pretty good (not Beretta good but definitely more then $700 good and shits all over my Adlers finish) even at it’s whopping full price of 700 it’s a winner IMO.

Baikals are not crap, not pretty but not crap.


No, but this Baikal was. Haha. I think it has had a rough life.

I have an Akkar Churchill. I’ve had it for about 5 years. I had one minor issue with a spring jumping out in the trigger mechanism, affecting the recoil second shot cocking. Wasn’t hard to fix. It works well, nicely built. It’s plain, it’s not fancy at all, but it works. Has gone bang every time, ejects fired shells every time. Actually ejects them nicely over your shoulder.
For your price range you are looking for a Turkish gun. An older Japanese or European shotgun can be had for that cash but it will be well used.
I can’t speak for other brands but an Akkar will satisfy your requirements.

I dunno if Winchester make a good O/U, but maybe worth checking out?

I have more than 5k rounds through my base model browning citori/miroku mk70.
If you can find a second handy from someone living in the city and doesn’t use it much and pick it up for close to 1k you won’t regret it.
The occasional jap made SKB comes up every now and then for well under 1k and they are solid. SKB is now turkish made.

One of the American brands were also being made in Japan by SKB, I think it was Weatherbys line of 12g.

Mine is a field gun which gets used for clays more, but I use a sporter in the field and its fine for clays, so dont worry about people saying you need this to do that etc…

I know a few people with the miroku mk70 game/sporter or its browning twin, they all rate them.

Just buy this instead and be 10x cooler than under n over owners everywhere.

Tbh I kind of want

Well it won’t last long at that price, so get on it mate!

Has anyone here used or owned a Lanber O/U? I’ve been sussing out second hand options around the 800 -1000 mark, and I’ve seen them pop up a couple of times.

I’ve seen a couple reviews, and they seem solid, but the business went bankrupt nearly 10 years ago.

They are ok mate

@Tempestman go to Clayton and buy yourself a brand new Stoeger Condor for $900. And be done with it.

I’ve held one in a store and it seemed to be a solid gun without being luxury.

If you want, give Trellys in Shepparton a call. They had one for $500 from memory about 6 months ago. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was still there.

buy yourself a brand new Stoeger Condor for $900

@juststarting I’ll check it out. Do you have one? The reviews read like they’re decent.