Cz 527 (7.62x39) vs Ruger American Ranch

Wondering if anyone has any feedback, experiences and what not to share about either of the rifles in 7.62x39?

Kind always wanted something in this chambering, got to play with both rifles and now I am thinking… So any opinions or experiences would be awesome.

My old fella has the CZ527 carbine, and brother has Ruger American Ranch, both in 7.62x39. I also have a Ruger American Ranch but in 300AAC. I have hunted with them both and they both perform great. 7.62x39 is a cracking cartridge for pigs.
As far as accuracy goes they both are excellent. The Ruger shoots the steel case Hornady factory under and inch at 100m. The CZ is a controlled round feed being the micro Mauser action, and has the set trigger if you like, trigger in the Ruger was fine straight out of the box, not measured, just feels good.
I think the CZ looks a whole lot nicer however the Ruger being synthetic is better if you don’t wrap your rifles in cotton wool when out bush.
I reload for both rifles and have them dialled in.
Scope rings mounting options greater for the Ruger with the Pic rail, whilst CZ527 rings available but not as prolific as stuff for Pic rail.
Newer Ruger takes the m4 type mag I believ whilst mine takes the older flush mounted plastic which whilst comfortable, is fragile and the retaining clip broke. I now have a lucky13. CZ steel magazine is bullet proof.
If I can help with anything else mate let me know.

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Thanks @CAVOK.

I shoot a lot more than I hunt, so it would be really a plinking fun gun, hunting too, but I’m just being realistic.

When I was looking at them, I noticed the weight. CZ felt lighter, but there’s really not much there in terms of wood or polymer, so one thing I did think about (I’ll have to check in the shop next time) is that Ruger had a lot more metal on it. Perhaps it could be a more accurate rifle of the two after a few rounds when the barrel has heated up. Feels like Ruger wouldn’t be as sensitive to that.

I did like the Cz a looooooot. But Ruger feels like a functionally (gasp, shock, horror) better built rifle. Rougher for sure, but feels tougher and better built. Need to research that a bit more. But that’s my thinking process right now.

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Decided to take a look at actual weight, CZ is like 200-300 lighter, felt like more. But also has a longer barrel, so I might be on to something. Currently starting to lean towards Ruger.

Those little Ruger American Ranches are great little scrub guns for the money, if they didn’t stop making them in LH i’d have a couple in different cals.

Mate I think the bolt on the Ruger is a lot more solid than the CZ. Mate to be honest, that Ruger American Ranch I own is real tac driver. Picture to follow. I’d buy another one in a heart beat. I’d buy more CZ in a heart beat too.

5 shots at 100m out of the Ranch.

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That wasn’t an act of look how good I am mate, was just to show what sort of accuracy the Ruger American Ranch is capable of with hand loads. :beer::beer::beer:

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More I think about things, more I think Ruger is a better choice. Anyway, nothing is a choice right now, but yeah I want something :slight_smile:


Haha, my experience precisely. Too bad they dont make that 50 round box of steel case anymore, stuff was magic out of the box in the Ranch. I used the Ruger Ranch 450 Bushmaster magazine for mine and it was flawless and left so much room for hanging out big heavy pills all the way to the lands.

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Just. Get. Both.

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I don’t feel strongly enough about them for that :slight_smile:

What about a Howa Mini action in 7.62x39? Just a thought.

I have dies for 7.62x39 but don’t have a rifle. I really want to try the Berrys copper plated 123gr “plinking projectiles” out of the 7.62x39. They go well out of the 303 with Trailboss


It’s not something I considered, will take a look! Ta.

I have one and its very very good.

@JizzFlinger, since you’ve owned both… What makes it better than Ruger?

Stock quality is a better grade of fibre reinforced plastic on the Howa.
Bolt is very smooth on the Howa.
Ruger is much better balanced in the field. The short 16" is also pretty thick. And threaded.
Ruger is chambered in .308 meaning there’s all the .300BLK ultra heavy subsonic choices availble for it. Probably work in the .311 Howa too.
Howa magazines are 5 rounders only, and they are so expensive to buy multiples.
Rugers Mini30 magazine isnt a great choice. Cheap enough and available in lots of sizes, its really limits projectile choice as they were made to fire 123FMJ ammo I took to the reciever with die grinder and some cold blue to make some of the heavier soft point bullets slide in easier.

So we are getting closer to the d-day here :slight_smile: I am $9.20 away from… well… Anyway.

Feels wrong. Maybe in semi auto Rugers? I imagine that all US guns are made to shoot factory ammo first, everything else second. Something feels very “lore” here.

Feels huh? Thats what we’re down to? Someone has some god damned feels?
Hu-well then, let me get my scribe and papyrus so I can ink these memorious memntos, SIR.

“Chapter One. I asked a slightly colored man, a quadroon or perhaps an octaroon about his experiences with a particular cartridge of the smokeless type…”

Something designed for a .308 bullet would fail SAAMI spec for 7.62x39 which is .311-0.002; thus making it .309 - .311. So while a .308 diameter bullet would get a gas kick up the bum, expand and obturate the bore well, probably, a broad statement such as:

…is misleading and feels wrong.

Practically however, never owned or shot anything in that chambering, so just basing that on SAAMI.