Cooking out bush

So fellas, heading to the high country later this week, just bought myself a jetboil stove, i’m usually one to survive off museli bars and other similar rations but the time has come to live a little, what do all you guys cook out bush? Cooked some soup up yesterday for lunch as a trial in the jetboil went really well, any other simple ideas? I don’t have a fridge in the rig eaither which limits things a little

How long are you going for? Bacon and eggs are nearly a must between bread which acts as both plate and serviette to clean your face afterwards. A car fridge (ice box) will keep a lot of stuff fresh enough a frozen meal. If you are hiking and carrying your food dried peas, deb, and those horrible dried food meals, cup of soups are good. All depends on time and what else you have to carry.

Will be out for about 7 days, not sure if i’ll pack the esky yet, space is a bit of a premium in a short wheel base 4wd haha, we’re going to get quite remote which is a good challenge, those boil in a bag freeze dried foods arn’t all bad

Its been over 30 years since I ate them so they may have progressed. Back then they were certainly not boil in the bag.:smile: A 5 day hike was my longest self sufficient stint. Back in my teens i found I was strong enough to carry good food for a weekend really pissing of people when I was having a steak and they were opening a bag of dried food. Eggs survived packed in tissues inside a mug. Frozen meat was nicely thawed by dinner time.
An esky is a must in the car even if I only had a Volkswagen. :grin:

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I’m a tin spaghetti and tuna kind of a guy. I’ll boil the kettle every chance I get but that’s about it, lol!

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Since we got a vacuum packer, i have been making singly portion meals and freezing them. Drop the whole pack in simmering water like a sous vide for dinner. Lunch is a tin of tuna and some bread or something similar. Breakfast is porridge or something like that. A few snacks in the pocket for in between peckishness. Not really heading out for more than a night or two.


Snags, spuds, pumpkin, carrots, eggs, vegemite, jam, dehydrated pasta meals & noodle snacks & soup meals you get in super markets. Cheese, bread, eggs. All keep pretty easy.
I just take a single gas burner. While the snags are cooking the boiled spuds stay worm in water.

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Yeah, I’m more eat for sustenance, than anything else. Can of chilli tuna mixed with a small can of corn, and crackers; canned meal (minestrone soup is good for keeping fed and energetic), coffee, water, cordial (don’t really like plain water). That’s about it.

Can attest to @GUN-DMC can of spaghetti habbit. You want to warm it up? Eh? Scoffed it down before I finished saying it lol.

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Do you esky or fridge all that? I want to come camping with you :joy: sounds like luxury! I’ve gone through my cold boil in a bag/tin days and will go back to that if circumstances require but its time to treat myself to hot meals haha, i’ve ended up going for a variety of canned soup, few pasta meals, noodles and some other small nick knacks, doing some remote area travel on my own for a few days eaither side of the group stuff so if i don’t make it to plink fest, i’ve gone native in the bush because my jeeps broken

Been trying to find ’ boil in a bag meals ’ like you describe, would be real handy!

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Just esky for snags, cheese, milk and beer.
Don’t need esky for the rest.

If you find those, post info here please.

@AusTac can you post some photos of the stove and fuel cans etc.

I don’t backpack hunt any more, over it. Waeco fridge/freezer, dual batteries in the 4WD. I can take any food I want. The main thing is warmth in the high country while sleeping, a good quality down sleeping bag at this time of the year is a must. I sleep in the back of my ute on a double mattress under a canopy. It’s still very cold up high. Plenty of wood around to make a fire. Take firelighters. Don’t forget the beer.

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Oh another thing, chainsaw, fuel and oil for it.

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You guys that take cans of things, did you ever really carry that in a pack along with all your other gear? Even back when I was doing the hiking thing and camp fires were the norm the rule was carry out what you carry in. I was not one for wanting to carry rubbish. So no canned food.

I used a couple of different little burners over the years. Not sure I have any of them left. The first was a little Primus bottle a bit smaller than today’s canned gas and a small holder could be attached to it to hold your Aluminum mess kit that doubled as a frypan on one side bowl on the other and it held a small pot in the middle and knife and fork. I think that model is now obsolete even at the time the small squat blue bottle by companion was the more popular. Then I also had a shelite stove that we took when getting into the high country and cold were the gas stoves struggled.

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This is what i’m taking

The ’ hunger buster 24hr ration packs are good and contain boil in a bag meals, and are identical to current adf ration packs minus two components, bit pricey at about $40 a pack

Never done the canned stuff until now myself, when i was hiking it was all wrapped stuff, carfully opened and kept as they’re good water containers if anything ever happened

$40, tell him his dreaming.

About $3 each at super market. Usually just add milk and butter. Goes OK with snags

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