Collectable ammo

Juststarting messaged me today to to say he had found an old box of shotgun shells in a gunshop and asked if he should grab them for me.
Of course I said yes, I am an addict after all.
But it got me thinking that without really trying or making a conscious decision I have become an ammo collector.

I’ll dig out and take pics of some others (mostly shotgun shells) soon.
Have any of you guys accidentally started an ammo collection or even done it on purpose?

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I have, by accident, trying to get milsurp originals for all my milsurp rifles. I’ve been successful with all but one, GP11 or Swiss 7.5x55. I’d be happy with a box, but ideally I’d like spam can equivalent, circa 400 rounds brick. This is my white whale.

I have these nice FN Brenneke paper slugs (actually JS found these for me too) I don’t have the box, I have 5 shells though.

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some 16ga Eley shells, not as old as the others but still Cool I reckon.

Collected a bit of .303 over the years from your standard paki crap to my treasured unoppened box of 1954 melbourne manufactured .303 out of footsgray in a still nice ’ almost mint ’ box dunno if its worth anything but its cool to have

Collecting ammo without the correct licence here in Vic will get you done over. You lose everything if you are prosecuted, so if you want an actual collection get the appropriate licence or decide what you have is a reference set for reloading purposes. I believe owning a particular cartridge without having the same chambered firearm in some States can also get you reamed, so please be aware of the Law in your own location. Cheers.


Its a bloody crazy world we live in… :roll_eyes:

Luckily I have one or two 12ga’s then, lol.


I have a rifle for each cartridge, thank you very much!

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Here are another couple of shells I’m (not collecting) saving for a rainy day.

What is the process for legally collecting ammo as a stand alone collection?

In Vic I believe there is a specific ammo collector’s licence, at a guess the application process would be similar to a gun licence I suppose?

G’day Gwion,
As I understand the situation in Tasmania, you do not have a specific Ammunition Collectors Licence there, but must have an Authority in Writing from the Chief Commissioner. You also need to be a member of a collectors organization the same as we do, and need to comply with the same storage rules, ie: ammo must be kept in a strongbox or safe, which if less than 150kg must be fixed to the wall or floor and fitted with a substantial lock. Cheers.

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Another nice vintage box of shotshells

Some old cold war ammo from East Germany

These have all been fired, but the boxes are cool so I’ve kept them.

There’s a bit of corrosion/oxidation happening, I can see blue… I’d wash the cases in warm water + soap + vinegar solution (and a reallllly good rinse in cold water) to stop the deterioration of the metal.

Sort off. I was under a somewhat firm impression that, if you are licenced in Vic for a category of a firearm, you’re allowed to have that ammo. If it’s rifle ammo and you are licenced for Cat A & B then you’re allowed to have it. Regardless if you own a 308 rifle and 303 ammo, etc. It’s when you get into unlicensed for the category, is when you are doing wrong. If you own a 9mm carbine, than you can own 9mm Luger ammo, etc.

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Pretty sure it’s the same in qld as I can borrow firearms off a mate and purchase ammo for it as long as I have the correct cat license. :grinning:

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This is correct, here we are licensed to own by category of licence. Some other states equire ammo held to be specific to a firearm calibre registered in your name. Cheers.