Civil unrest with miltitas (USA current affairs mega thread)

With today’s insanity in DC do I win a soothsayers badge?

Did you say so?

Yes, in a thread discussing the likelyhood of civil war there.

There won’t be a civil war. It’s all fun and games till bodies start dropping. All the Airsoft and CoD heroes will poop their pants once they realise people shoot back and you can’t respawn.


Whole thing is a Psy Op. China, CIA at the behest of the banking elites that actually rule over us.
The last four years were Act I. Belive that you can vote your ideologies into reality. OMG! Trump!
Believe you have a choice. Believe you, the voter has a real say. Get out the vote lol!

In the middle, absolute demoralisation. Bezmenov levels. Anyone with room temp IQ or higher cab see the 2020 election was rigged. Cheating has been the norm FOR BOTH SIDES for years, but it was generally limited to getting mayors and senators installed, never presidents.
This presidential election was designed to look like it was stolen. It wasnt meant to be sneaked in, it was designed to hurt. No court would look at any claims, no county would hear any claims in the senate, no media would dare run with any mathematical evidence.
It was supposed to hurt, and it did. Retards got upset and actually broke four windows, messed up an entire office that left paper STREWN ACROSS THE FLOOR! My goodness, some intern IS GOING TO HAVE TO STAY BACK 2 HOURS TO CLEAN THAT UP. Never mind the only homicide was an unarmed woman being shot by a capitol police officer.
Meanwhile, the MSM has the world thinking it was as if they burnt down businesses, bricked homes, killed 16 people and injured 1000 police officers…oh wait, that was the BLM protests.

The next four years are Act II.
Trump was allowed to win 2016, not elected rightfully. His defeat in 2020 was orchestrated to be as crushing as possible, leading to the demise of the entire right wing and conservative and “christian” ideology. The shenanignas at the Capitol, where four other unarmed idiots died in total, from heart attacks, strokes and and one police officer who later died possibly as a result of a strike to teh head with some object set the narrative.
Act II will be massive vengeful domestic terrorist attacks orchestrated by fringe militias or lone wolves, and if they dont occur, guaranteed false flag attacks will occur to enable acts to remove all arms and non acceptable ideas, speech and thoughts.

This is the beginning of the disarming of the last bastion of the West where truth was deemed to be self evident.

Everything I have expresswd here is merely my opinion and I do not condone any acts of violence or law breaking at all now, in the future or those that have ocurred prior to this post.

EDIT: The latest on the police officer who died is that he was injured by a strike to the head with a fire extinguisher, and later died. Still unconfirmed.



Oh my, Jizzfinger been sniffing fumes again.


I condone violence in the US, I’m looking forward to watching the civil war on tv.
The US has become my favorite soap opera… :joy:


This morning silicone valley has begun shitcanning all the social media it doesnt like.

Trumps twitter, gone (thank god!)
Parler- gone frome apple, gone from google.
Cloudflare removing itself from any site right of centre.

The “coup” on TV was not the coup.

There is a plethora of unhinged Q-tard boomers who are in desperate need of their doses of hopium and copium. Now that Q has been shown to be a complete LARP maybe they will come to their senses. LIKE HECK! These boomers are primed to latch onto the first aligned conspiracy insider entity that comes along, someone just like this guy, little P. Ryan.

Have a good read of this. Its very interesting.

Totally sober dude! I love the tin foil hat stuff :slight_smile:


Was pretty insane watching all that unfold, it’ll blow over always does, a little worried what Joe’s going to do with firearms and other cool things though but we’ll see, still plenty of buck tooth sister fucking trailer park rednecks out there apparently though


Did you read The Butterfly War article? Its a nice piece of social engineering.

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yoooge sleep over at the Capitol for the national guardsmen

That concrete looks real warm and comfy

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At least they get to snuggle up to their guns lol.

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Haha if you don’t retain your weapon as a soldier all hell breaks loose, all kinds of various tricks the boys and rank can play, you got guys waking up with floppy charging handles realizing their whole bolt was gone out of the gat


Better to learn like that than other ways !.. Btw…Thanks for your service mate :beers:

Ahhh jizzman, can i have some tinfoil​:orangutan::orangutan::orangutan::orangutan:

If there was any real evidence to the allegations of wholesale fraud don’t you think Trumps legal team has enough goes at courts to be able to show that? Considering many of the feral court appointee, heck even 3 of the supreme court appointees were installed by him. Or maybe they believe in truth and uphold the principles of American constitution thus they don’t blindly support his madhatter twitter rants.

If there was any truth, why didn’t Fox News publish it… maybe it was scared if it published then it would open itself up for legal challenges as unlike a sitting President it does not have the immunity to lie.

The truth is mate, a large base of Americans were conned by a reality TV star. Maybe they hated the establishment so they didn’t care who came as long as he tried to dearoy the establishment. Except they installed a dictator.

Trump has control of all major federal departments, he changed the head of the US postal service, even blocked funding to it, he did everything to stop the flow of postal votes including decreasing the number of voting stations in democrat majority areas in Republican states. How can you describe them as anything but the actions of a dictator wanting to subversive the American democracy.

In another country these actions would be attributed to a dictator and the MSM would be calling that out.

Maybe it is hard for him and his supporters to believe that it was his (lack of) handling and his ever present blame game of cronavirus that cooked his goose.

Finally as a last act of sabotage he doomed any chance of the republicans holding on to their majority in the senate.

I know it’s hard to accept and tbh not my place to make others realise but in his 4 years he created more division, more animosity and more issues for American people and American democracy than any other internal or external force has been able to in over 50… maybe 100 years.


Still the best soap opera on tv though!