car first aid and EDC

Oohhh there you go, I used a prepper word :sunglasses:

Two questions, stemming from my late night YouTube binging.

a. Do you carry a first aid kit in your car and what’s in it? I have some paracetamol and a couple of bandaids.
b. Do you have a set of stuff you have in the car (other than spare tyre and a jack). Thinking about it, I have a Leatherman, a torch, a roll of gaffer tape, zip ties, gloves and a bottle of water on permanent bases in there (now that I read that it sounds bad lol).

Discuss. :slight_smile:

A. Yes, a St Johns one I didn’t make up myself so I don’t really remember the contents. Other than thinking it was ok when I bought it, and read them.
B. Yes. Way too much.

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OOOoooo here we go, from a young age i’ve been exploring in whatever vehicle i have so keep a bunch of stuff in my rig, but also three weeks ago my mrs was first on scene to a 100 tonne road train rollover way out bush in rural WA, i’ve got a kit stuffed with first aid supplies from bandaids to 2 soft-w torniquets and everything in between, carry a compressor ( 4wd life ) saw, two jacks, basic tools, duct tape lighters, latex gloves seperate to whats in my med kit for roadside mechanical repairs, multitool, spare belts zip ties, ratchet straps ( can be used very creatively ) and some basic recovery gear and thats just what i can remember, wouldn’t be without my first aid kit as a very very basic thing in the car i’ve had to go into it for bandaids mostly but my partners experience ( carried no equipment ) definately hit home, thankfully the bloke was somewhat ok which from the photos i’ve seen is amazing. Mates have cut knee caps off with chainsaws and all sorts. i’m never around major accidents haha.

Attached to my medical kit is a basic nalgene bottle stuffed with survival supplies, ( as much that can fit in a small water bottle anyway ) i’ve been in a situation where i almost had to ditch the vehicle mid river in remote country thankfully that time it worked out but things can go from alright to real bad in a matter if seconds. I’ve got a glass breaker/seatbelt cutter attached to both driver and passenger roll bars as well within reach if it ever goes shiney side down

In my Mrs car there’s the cars service book, a phone cord, and a pack of lollies.

In my landcruiser there’s
pocket knife
tyre deflator
aa batteries
aaa batteries
backup sunnies

Centre console
2 knives
winch remote
bo basher
other random console stuff.

Door Pockets
hand held uhf (car has one fitted too)
sun screen
stubby coolers

Under back seat
3 piece shovel

Back side hatch
bloody good first aid kit
snakebite kit
dunny roll lol

Back drawer
socket set
spanner set
screwdriver set
random tools
winch ext rope
sntch straps
tie downs
3 knives

Left drawer wing
cable ties
blow torch & bottles
fire starter

Right drawer wing
tyre plug kit
gas soldering iron and stuff to go with it
12v electrical stuff
anderson cables
jumper leads
hoses for on board compressor
tyre inflator

Rear Tailgate hatch
spare winch remote
maxtrax cords

Car Fridge
usually some Jack Daniels cans & some trendy beers floating about in there, and of course some water (against my better judgement)

I’m sure there’s more little bits of nicknacks & odds n ends, but that’s all i can think of right now. That’s how it is on a daily basis, then gets other things added for trips away.

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First aid kit in my car is a mix of band aids, bandages, gloves, space blanket etc etc. Did not put it together, got a few on sale once.

Other than that, just a torch but I don’t go camping etc.


Yep, good size FAK, the usual contents plus extra bandages, gauze pads, compression bandages, non stick dressings, burns module, eye wash…

4wd recovery kit, shackles, s n a t c h strap, winch extension strap, shovel, 4x max trax, dampener, compressor, tyre gauge, tyre plug kit.

Tool kit, assorted spanners, screw drivers, pliers, wrenches, tapes, zip ties, hacksaw, wd40 blah blah blah.

Dry powder type fire extinguisher plus 12L water type, 10 L drinking water

Hand soap, sunscreen, torch, handheld uhf, butane blow torch, phone charger, a few snacks

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Forum wouldn’t let you write s n a t c h normally either hey :laughing:

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But you adapted and overcame.


So I guess Wombat is on the road a lot, Jss is rural and AusTac drives a Jeep, which explains the gear :slight_smile:

@Nomis you are a city dweller I am guessing (or at least a very big town)? :slight_smile:

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I’m about 10 mins from the centre of Brissy CBD :stuck_out_tongue: But we do have a couple of farms in the family and we do go camping & 4wding a bit. Basically i’m just too lazy to unpack & repack every time so i leave a bit of stuff in the car, you’d be surprised how often a lot of it comes in handy though.

Now that i think of it, Brissy CBD probably still qualifies as rural :rofl:

Well… speechless

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In reality, actual EDC that is real EDC…

  • paracetamol
  • lollies
  • spotify with kid’s playlists available offline
  • tissues
  • anti-bacterial wipes
  • USB-C sharger cable
  • iCrap charger cable

…because there are two monsters that live in the back.

Yep that’s the really important stuff, and the headsets for rear entertainment system are worth their weight in gold!! I forgot about them, they live in the seat pockets.

Car EDC recently has included hand sanitiser, and loads of alcohol wipes.

Beyond basic tools like a pocket knife, or a screw driver, and some bandaids, I don’t keep anything else in the car.

This is so 2015. They have their own devices and headphones :stuck_out_tongue:

And a dedicated modem for their own network in the back

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…and ability to sync media from home or Netflix or Disney streaming for offline and… Basically we fucked a generation who will never know how to deal with the the mundane torture that is a long road trip with no entertainment, other than STFU or you can walk!

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In a small town near a big town but I grew up in a big town. And I cannot stand having a messy car so shit gets put away ASAP.

What is EDC?

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? I want an ice cream. I need to pee. Arhhh stop touching me.
THAT’S IT!! One more word and i’m pulling this car over and you’re all in soooo much trouble.
The good old days, they were character building.

Every Day Carry, usually applies to gun & knife toting yanks not overloaded 4wds :laughing: