Can’t find bolt and chamber

Hey all.
New to shooting, building up a custom .223 LR rifle. I’m using MDT ESS chassis on the tikka platform. I can’t seem to find a “ bolt and chamber “ only for sale. Don’t need a barrel. Any assistant on where or if I can get one would be appreciated,

The Chamber is part of the barrel. The barrel is bored out using a special reamer to form the chamber. When you bought the Tikka action didn’t it come with a bolt?

Sorry, I’m just looking for the section the barrel screws into that the bolt sits in, if that makes more sense. I don’t want to buy a hole rifle just to have a stock I’m going to throw away and I’m getting a custom barrel made.

Ok that makes a bit more sense. What you are after is a Tikka Action it should come or make sure it comes with a bolt/ trigger (optional as you can buy aftermarket) but I would make sure I got a trigger or you will delay your build. It will probably come with a floor plate and magazine as well or should.

One other thing you need to make sure of is that the action matches the calibre that you wish to build. Mainly the bolt head size to match the cartridge but also the length of the action which is normally just two lengths either standard or long.

Ok great. Thanks mate. I’ll be getting a aftermarket trigger also. So a good gun shop should have what I’m looking for? I have been searching local shops online but can only find complete rifles.

I’m looking at the short action. .223

Search used for ‘tikka action’ in the parts section. Probably best bet.

I dont see any on used guns to use as an example just one without a bolt for a 22-250 expect to pay a fair bit more for a complete one. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy the whole rifle just for parts. Actually it is prob the norm for what you are after. find a tikka that someone wants to get rid of due to damage to the stock and or barrel it will be much cheaper than an action I would expect between $1000-1500 for a good complete action.

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Perfect. Thanks mate.

Contact a local shop to ask about suitable trigger groups.

Honestly, you’re going to be better off just buying a rifle and replacing the stock.

Yeah that’s pretty much what iv come up with too. Happy to do that but just thought I’d ask to see if anyone had some other ideas. Thanks for the info !!

After a bit of experience. Upgrade barrel & triger group or just get a better rifle…

Iv pretty much accepted I’ll need to buy the hole rifle. Seems like the quick easy way. Appreciate the help !!

Mate buy the whole rifle. Just as if you bought the hole of a doughnut you would be left feeling a bit empty. :grin:

Sorry just having a bit of a joke. Its been a pretty heavy last 24 hrs with the stuff happening in Russia and the rest of the world.

Hahaha. I hear ya mate. We all need a god sense of humour. Worlds gone mental. Just to make my life a little more difficult…… it needs to be left handed :person_facepalming:t3: can’t take life too serious.

Think you might want a tikka t3x stock? I might know a guy who will have one cheap

Is the stock you have good for a lefty action?

By the way: the part you originally asked about is referred to as “the action” of the rifle.

You’re in luck… rifle, scope & bi-pod… just swap stocks.

Yeah. The MDT chassis system is one of the best.