Buying my first Black Powder muzzle loader.

So, I parted with $310 to take delivery of a CVA Squirrel in 32 cal (.310)

Knowing nothing about muzzle loading and black powder, what direction should I be heading in first? Im thinking a Black Powder Loading Manual should be my first port of call.

Would anyone care to recommend one?

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You are disgusting. Muzzle loaders are disgusting.

Think, @TheDude and @bentaz may know though.

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Come on man, it was $275 plus delivery. What sane mane could say no? While I was looking I bought a Uberti Silverboy too, but thats another thread.

Very nice.

This is the one have, it’s pretty old but then I doubt much has changed.
I can take pics of all the relevant bits and email them to you if ya like mate.


Nice, let us know how you go. I think I might go to the dark side soon too.

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Dasssss raycisssss!

I don’t understand…nothing was deposited in my account? How do I convert this oppression to cash? Anybody??

Haven’t got a 32 cal but from what I’ve seen, 0.310” round balls with a 0.010-0.015” patch with 10-15 grains of FFFg is the go.

I believe they use no. 11 percussion caps.

You can buy pre-lubed patches or lube your own. Some use spit, others moose’s milk (50:50 ballistol and water) or a bullet lube mix of bees wax and olive oil.

You’ll need a powder flask and measure, push rod and cleaning gear.

To clean after shooting I strip the barrel from my muzzle loaders, remove the nipple. Give it a quick brush with a wire brush to loosen up the crud then pour boiling water down the barrel. Follow that with another quick brush and then patch it out until it’s clean.

A bit of shotgun choke lube on the thread of the nipple keeps it easy to unscrew.

Then give it a quick oil and reassemble for storage.


Oh man thank you Mr. Dude! That’s just the info I was looking for.

You prick. I was going to buy that! :joy:

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Both of you are disgusting.

How long does it take you to get new guns in your hot little hands up there mate?

I just picked up my little 32 cal Squirrel yesterday arvo! Its a little ripper. Is going to be a while before I get to shoot it though. Waiting on balls, patches and equipment from Rebel, will have to beg for some powder until my next road trip.

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I actually bought another one from the same guy, a Dikar 50 cal. Should get here in a few days. $285 delivered :slight_smile:

1 Like is a pretty cool site for all kinds of patches, lubes, flasks, you name it. Im trying to pick a powder flask. Any tips?
Also, just seen Bentaz bowling over bunnies with his BP shotgun. Mmm 12g muzzle loader!!

Has he got a 12g muzzleloader ?

Na it’s a .64 musket, loaded with bb’s

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Oh wow.