Bushmeister BA-X12

So this is (potentially) a big deal, in a good way. I am sure there will be hurdles, but there is a very very very good potential here. Upgraded Turkneli (Sulun). Mmmmmmmmm.


Now that is cool.
A lever release 12ga would be sick.

I bet Sam Lee is rolling over in her grave today!
She is dead isn’t she and not just irrelevant?

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I’m currently dressed as a cheer leader, cheering for the Turks :slight_smile: Goooo Adler3000

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Show us ya pom poms sweetie!! :rofl:

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You couldn’t handle my pom poms.

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I googled “Adler 3000” it’s an iron, maybe just get one now. You can use it to sharpen up the pleats on your cheerleading skirt! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

There is already a 12g lever release, The verney carron veloce


Not an adler budget through


Adler budget version just released

I need pics!

That’s what kicked off the whole chaos.


I would imagine they would just adapt this bolt release they have

Classy. I can see them being sold out in a blink.

From Cleavers

$929 - $999


Cleaver Firearms: Cleaver Firearms Products

So, any preorders yet?

Seeing as i still haven’t fired a shot through my last shotgun purchase i think i’ll wait to hear what the guinea pigs think when they arrive.

Yeah, as much as I want one, I have a feeling this is the A22R. Revolutionary, awesome, fantastic, but… Give it a little more time and flooding will start. will wait and see. It’s taking a lot of focus not to pre-order!

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with hope we see a repeat of the A22 haha. Nioa brings in a cool gun but it kinda sucks. Other importers take note (Winchester/CZ) and they bring out something far better :slight_smile:

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Just got this email from NIOA. Dam!

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They pulled the promo vid from Youtube too. I can only speculate the manufacture either has some massive safety / quality control problem, or more likely the mechanism is too easy to modify to remove the need for the lever