Bulk buy shotgun wads.

For a few weeks I have been waiting on a 1000 Winchester AA wads that I ordered. I went in and asked about them this morning and found out Whinchester won’t accept an order for less than 5000 wads, which is stupid since they come in bags of 250 anyway.
5000 wads is only about 4000 more than I’m ever likely to ever need, i already prepaid for my 1000 and now the order is in limbo.
Are any of you guys interested in going in on a bulk lot of 5000?
I could probably go another 1000 but that leaves me 3000 short.
The are roughly $50 per thousand but I will hitting them up to try and get them cheaper if we’re ordering that many.
Anyway let me know if your interested in some

Would love to help out, always like group buys but unfortunately I don’t have a shotgun or know anyone who reloads for one. :tired_face:

Go join a gun club those guys shoot heaps.:grinning: Seriously though I will ask around.

Put me down for a $fiddy, brother @GUN-DMC (slugfest in the making?). I presume they are perfectly usable for Lee mould… 1000 should last me (about a year and a half lol)

@Oldbloke - I recon you should get some too.

@GUN-DMC Yeh, Ill take from 250 to 500. Will never need any more than that LOL…on second thoughts just make it 500. :slight_smile:


Awesome we’ll have a chat on Saturday

What’s there to chat about, homey? Money to you, you get the wads and we grab them off you. This ain’t let’s create a management committee kind of situation. However, if it was, @Brett could be the project manager. I hear he loves that shit.

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Oooooooo this means I neeeeed to buy some of those mad Russian slug molds. Oh yeah, now we’re talking.

Put me down for 250-500 if you need to make up the numbers.

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I’d take 1000. If you can sort out a bulk buy. Thanks

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Boom. It’s all happening for you.

Yeah I’m stoked! I’ll confirm the price and put in the order on Friday when I’m in town

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Well the shop wouldn’t order any wads unless I paid up front for the 5000, they wouldn’t give me any indication of when they would come and they have made mince meat out of two transfers I tried to do so I’m cutting my losses on this one.
I’ve just had a look and rebels in brisvagas sell bags of 250 and have plenty in stock. Question, what are they like for online orders, postage price, turn around etc?

Rebel is good. Postage, don’t remember, but overall recommend. Shipped ammo, rings and few other bits from them.

I’ve ordered stuff from rebel a couple of times. The postage was fast. But wasn’t the cheapest. But they had what I wanted and nobody else did. So I didn’t really care.

The wads would be fairy bulky so I’m guess $20-25 for the postage. Which makes them pretty expensive.

Yeah that’s more for postage than the wads are worth

When the shop won’t tell you ‘when’ it means, usually, but not always, that they are flying blind with the distributor. It could be that they want to bulk it up and waiting for more orders… Ran into exactly the same thing with some brass I was after (found them in the end). Super shady and f*ck them right in the ear if they won’t tell a paying customer when paid goods will be delivered. That’s just appalling in my books.

I agree, won’t be dealing with these guys again if I can avoid it

Have you tried Holt’s? I picked up a bag of 410 wads there a while back cheap enough.

They have no 12ga wads