Broke my Taipan without a shot fired.

So as some of you know I bought a SCSA Taipan the other day. Have yet to fire a shot. Been trying a few different configurations of optics etc. to see what I like.
I’ve pumped/cycled the action around 100 times including dry fire. It’s centrefire, it should have no issue with dry fire. Gun has plenty of lube and has not been mistreated in anyway.

So this morning I was playing around with it after fitting a different scope. I rack the action and hear they dreaded sound that no gun owner likes to hear.

Ting, ting ting….ting.

The sound of a tiny metal part hitting the floor.

This little bugger is the bolt release. Allows you to unlock the action if in battery without pulling the trigger.

The small shaft sheared straight off. This is not the first occurrence I’ve heard. It’s obviously a design fault. Bit annoying. Will contact SCSA during the week.

I really want this to be a good rifle. Not good that the broken bolt release is not an isolated incident. Sigh, ah well, hopefully they have a revised piece to replace it.

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This is super common, as far as everyone’s feedback is, I think.

Bummer dude.
I guess its not uncommon for the first generation of anything to have some teething issues, as long as they sort it out for you and work out a solution for the long term.

Bugger…Seems to be a common issue with them & it’s a fairly important safety function to be failing. It’s been well known for long enough now that I would’ve thought they’d have had it sorted by now to be honest.

Thats a real buzz kill. Really hope they have worked out a good solution. not one that just fixes that part and gradually breaks the other part contacting it. Hope they get it all sorted out for you quickly and properly. I would nearly be in tears and ripping someones head off.

The fact that they were ‘discounting’ rifles, with a known safety issue pretty much puts Southern Cross Small Arms and that 4WD joker video in the bin for me permanently. Absolutely disgusting.

I read this as “Broke My Tampon…”

Am I destined for the coom brain asylumn?

Nah, you read the intent. Like a mind reader.

All is good apparently


Good to hear. I’m less worried about design flaws than how they address them when they come up.

Allright then.

Yeah step up Australian Manufacturing. USA is head and shoulders above.

Good to see SCSA get behind their customers.

You see, when I see @JizzFlinger and “get behind” in one message, I have different mental images.

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Ryan Renolds

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Well mine still sits with a broken bolt release and factory installed scratches, without a shot fired.
Said they would send me out a part but it’s yet to arrive. Sigh. Bordering on wanting a refund. I’m replacing the buttstock with an AR style stock, most of the scratches are on the stock, I’ll let it slide. Still, the whole experience so far has been less than stellar. I would currently be very hard pressed to recommend one.

Sorry to hear, I hope you got the buggers to send you a few spares too, last thing you want is to go through it again & have to play the waiting game. Although if it happened to me twice it’d be getting sent back for a refund.
Or bent around the nearest tree lol

It would be hilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarious if they sent him 2 and it happened again on function check and another on 2nd round fired. Not to @Supaduke, but the rest of us would have a giggle.


Yep it would seriously suck for @Supaduke, but the giggles & shit stirring would be awesome. To be honest i think it would surely outweigh his pain.

He would bring laughs and joy to the masses. He’d be a saint.

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Well the part came. It feels a tiny bit heavier and is a semi gloss grey instead of stainless. Seems to be an upgrade. Anyway, gun is back together and I feel better. Just waiting on the folding stock adapter.

Have cycled and dried fired a few times. Let’s see what happens.