Bored shit-posting

Hey, i might like meth ??

You might be onto something, just think of how well organized & OCD level clean all your guns could be with a little hit of meth under your belt. Hmmm :thinking:

When your house is big enough to have it’s own library this is the library to have!!


My random AUD2c, which is not worth much.

Anyone here read 12 Rules for Life? Finally got around to it after much hype. Do not rate, feel like common sense and could have been 1/5th the size if the thinly veiled Bible bashing was omitted.

Is that Peterson?

Haven’t read it but tend to agree. Has a lot of good things to say. Mostly fairly obvious. Often couched in too much biblical double speak for my liking.

Yep, that’s the one. It slowly oozed out and I slowly but proportionally lost interest.

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Big on traditional role values too, which has its place but too much can sound like 1956…

why not '57?

Haha… either or….

Maybe more than you think.

Time to go through the old copper coin jar.

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Its a great place, really good ranges all around. Great Military Pistol/Rifle club too!

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Anyone doing anything exciting tonight?

Im heading to the farm for the weekend, driving up tonight.
Not very exciting really quite the opposite, which is pretty exciting to me!

Well, i put my tights on and walked the streets

Roxanneeeeeeee lol

You should be tranquillised and taken to a mental institution for crimes against fashion

Keeps the matt burn of my knees.

I’m hoping that means you went for a roll and not that you were taking a bit of doggy style.

A bit from column A and inherently a lot from column B lmao


Hahaha awesome.

Been a bit quiet here, what the heck is everyone up to? End of the year seems to be the busiest period for everyone. My life went from gentle school zone 40km/hr to freaking tyres on fire. I need a break.