Bored shit-posting

It’s not terrible. I got given a fourpack by the local bottle shop in a promo.

Not the kind of thing I’d spend money on but it wasn’t sweet or fruity like a cider

Brave man to admit going there and doing that. Just the thought turns my stomach. But Im not a fruit juice drinker either.

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It just looks like @AusTacs buthole after @Oldbloke got to him at that first plinkfest!


Beers are all kinds of weird these days. Some in a really good way.

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The forum had a rainbow logo all last month so I figured it was a safe space

Safe for me. No guarantees on personal safety of victims others.


Fuck me mate, have you considered finding a safer job?
Yours is looking a bit stabby these day!

What scares me is when I first saw that can I read it as Cigar and Flap Juice, and thought yeah a strange combination but sort of go together. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: