Bored shit-posting

That depends, does your Dr have a martini for sale?


You you got a gift gif

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He might, i will ask him!

Great movie!

Thought some of you guys might get a kick out of this article.

Tl;dr - guns leave unique marks such as rifling and primer strike marks.

And that’s why you have a complete throw away slide & barrel on your burglar pistol with the originals safely tucked away…
Just jokes of course because “burglar lives matter” :rofl: :rofl:

I think Ruger were keeping the test fire shells from all their firearms matched with the guns serial number and providing them to US law enforcement ballistic database for comparison & tracing. Or so i heard anyway.

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What a shithole!


Agreed. I don’t actually know where that is but there are way to many buildings and people.

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Its the Gold Coast.
I did get some good news while i was there meeting with the spine surgeon

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You going to be able to use your back again ?

Looks like im in with a good chance mate.


Sounds shit mate, best of luck


Farm sweet farm!


Where humans are made to live.

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Yeah, totally agree with that. I’m going to the Sydney knife show on the weekend. Looking forward to catching up with a couple of other makers, seeing what fellas are building and picking up some supplies. NOT looking forward to the 5 hour trip, traffic and the crowds…

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Jealous! Should be some really cool stuff there

I went to the Perth knife show and some of the knives was just amazing, fit and finish spot on, get some pictures if you can mate! Of your own table as well if you have one.

Yeah, nah. Just looking this time. Haven’t got enough done for a table, pretty much make to order at the moment. Working through a bunch of knives for customers at this stage, I’m sure they’ll understand me taking a couple of days off…, I hope. :wink:

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Plinkfest??? :grinning:

“It may not happen over night, but it will happen!”