Bored shit-posting

…but shave first, okay.


I didnt even know school shootings was a womens sport?


Not sure but A she may have been a first School Shooter. A trans made the list for first School Shooter so that insures his 15 min of fame.

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Nahhh, her, not him, we don’t want him, they can claim her.

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Maybe got some bad news concerning the strapadicktome procedure

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I have seen malpractice photos and even videos of the disfigured failed strapadicktome procedures, the likes of which most cannot fathom in their deepest darkest nightmares. Certainly not my proudest fap.


I really want to post them.


He knows what’s good for him.

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I does.

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This guy (not from qld so ive never heard of him before) is on sky news talking sense about the qld WLB and how fucked their system is.

Good to see some fair and balanced reporting for a change.

Anyone else getting this?

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Works on duckduckgo. Probably google not liking the page cert.

Its working for me again now.

Life is tough…


They thought of some cool shit back in the day.

7.62x51 going at 3800 fps sounds like a very hot load of fuck you.

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This is my step daughters yr 11 artwork.
Its painted on a bit of 50x100cm plywood, the work is cool, but my favourite thing is she handed in a dead naked chick on a pentagram to her catholic school and still got an A.


I guess there’s a message in there.

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