Bolt vs semi - accuracy discussion.


Not really.

Yeah, really


I have evidence!


For what ?

Now now boys Keep calm and carry on. or as they say take it to the chat.

Your evidence that disproves bolt actions being the most accurate action. Myself and all the long distance and precision shooters on the planet are eagerly waiting.

How much time do i have ?

He saw a mum joke coming and backed off. Unfortunate.

As much as you need but it must be before one of us dies of old age.

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Youve been a very naughty boy. Now go clean up your posts. :smile:

Haha no my collectors form16 book just arrived at the door and i got distracted. :smiley:

In all seriousness i don’t consider tradition as evidence. So ignoring ‘lots of people use it’ I would love to see some evidence to the contrary.

I say it’s as good. A high quality rifle in semi or bolt action would be much of a muchness. Especially when we are talking about accuracy. Precision - maybe? You could argue that overgasing the system would give you a flatter trajectory or ability to get more out of the same cartridge…

You are saying as a blanket statement that one is better than the other. So I’d like to flip that, ignore ‘x people use it’ and show some imperical evidence. One for accuracy and one for precision.

Sooo when you said “I have evidence” what you really meant is that you’re going to disregard all existing evidence of testing, results & statistics, you’re going to ignore that the most competitive people in the field all believe the same thing and stick to the old thought process instead of getting a winning edge with another option.
You’re also going to ignore the fact that with the vast amounts of money, research & development the military spend that they still haven’t found a more accurate weapon for their marksman than a bolt action rifle, even though advances is all other aspects of weaponry are simply mind boggling.

So your “evidence” is that all that is fluff and you’re going to invent your own theory and try to pit the words “accuracy” and “precision” against each other when in the case of shooting & shot placement they really mean the same thing.

Well that’s it, your evidence is overwhelming and clearly I have no choice but to concede and join you in your way of thinking. Thankyou for enlightening me, well done. :wink:

Nah, it’s all a lot simpler, I didn’t disregard anything. I just lied.


I start from objective neutral position and ask for scientific evidence that demonstrates something that should be trivially demonstratable - single shooter, two comparable price point guns, side by side target. That’s all I am asking for.

We could Massdebate about it for ages and ages…But i honestly think that because semi uses cartridge gases to expell the spent case and reload another into battery, it loses gastric pressure that is not going out the muzzle behind the projectile. But rather out the ejection port, being wasted to reload. When i once had both Semi auto, and bolt action 22s the bolt gun was always near an inch tighter shooter than the Semi Auto at 50m. But the Semi was great fun! F#ck u Johnny!

Personally I think the size of the chamber makes the difference between rifles. It is just a design requirement that semi Autos have a much larger chamber and that is responsible for a larger dispersion.

I don’t think Australians have had free enough access to modern semi’s to really comment on this. Most experience with new semi’s is either military or professional shooting. Both aren’t really disciplines renowned for precision shooting and have other factors to rifle selections besides raw precision.

Anecdotally, bolt guns remain the most popular action type for precision long gun shooting sports. This could be due to many things besides precision, historical/tradition, Local laws, action complexities, weight, form factor, barrel replacement, cleanliness, rigidity etc.

Just take a look at PRS (which I like to call ‘Benchrest on barricades’ these days) They need multiple rounds quickly but still select a bolt over semi due to the required precision.

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