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G’day gents. As the title suggests, I’d once again like to draw on the knowledge of the brains trust in seeking some recommendations for a set of bino. Just want for general use, ie, carrying (in one of those fancy chest harness rigs) whilst hunting for glassing game at distances under 500m, and prob to carry in boat when our fishing, camping etc. Like to keep it around $400 or less. What are you blokes using at present, and what would you recommend?

After reading @juststarting thread regarding bino pouch options from a year or so ago, I am thinking it is not necessary.

Thinking perhaps 8 or 10x42???

I have Vortex Dimonback 8x42. Very clear, allow a lot of light in. Also, I just scan stuff through scope :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I really should use my binos more. I just hate carrying stuff. However, terrain I am in when I am hunting, I’d be lucky to get 300m, so they suit my needs pretty well. However, as the other thread suggested, range finder could work very well too. I need to have a look what magnification it is. Also Vortex, if it’s over x8 ( I don’t recall), I might start carrying it.

Mate thank you for taking the time to reply. Sincerely appreciate the recommendation.
Range finder suggestion definitely worthy of consideration also. Cheers mate.

I’ve got a pair of Bushnell perma focus 10x42 or 10x50 (can’t remember which and they’re out at the farm atm so i can’t check) i got them for a Xmas pressie from my father in law, and at first i thought the non focusing thing was weird but using them for glassing while hunting they’re bloody handy.
A mate got a pair of Ziess ones a while back as run out stock for about half price that were meant to be $2000rrp, they’re definately sharper than my bushnells but are 10x the price, yet my non focus ones are still easier to use when glassing all over the place as you don’t need to adjust them as the range changes.
As for the size you’re thinking I’ve been told by a few guys who use binos a bit that either 8 or 10x are the way to go for most hunting needs, i don’t claim to know, just repeating what i’ve been told by a few people.

Thanks mate will check the Bushnell out now. I breezed over the perma focus ones as I didn’t think they’d be much good. Totally baseless, nothing to back that up. Cheers.

Don’t worry, i thought the same thing when i got them, i joked with the Mrs & said “look at these shit things, i thought your dad liked me, obviously i was wrong lol.” But somehow they just work.

My vision isn’t super mate was thinking I’d be better off with something I can adjust however I have watched a few reviews and they seem ok. For $150 prob worth a try?

I’ve only ever owned cheapish bino’s, I’ve looked through some expensive ones, they look great but I can’t justify the extra $ for something I’m likely to drop or loose sooner or later.

My sentiments exactly mate. Whilst I will readily admit you generally get what you pay for, the cheaper models circa $300 will suit my needs just fine.

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Hi, here’s a few of my thoughts…

  1. 8x42 is a good size for hunting/walking. 10x50 is bulky and heavy
  2. You dont need a full harness/pouch, but a basic harness is invaluable.
  3. I have owned and/or used for work (yes I use binos quite a bit) everything from el-cheapi to absolute top of the range. Don’t bullshit yourself, or piss in my pocket and tell me it’s raining… You get what you pay. If your just a casual user you might not appreciate what you get for the last few hundred dollars, but the return for $ is real. You just need to decide where your priorities fall for your hard earned cash.
  4. A range finder is absolutely no substitute for binos. I have a Nikon 6x25 rangefinder, great for rangefinding…makes a shit pair of binos.
  5. Using your scope is a terrible substitute for binos…firearm safety 101, don’t point a rifle at anything you dont intend to shoot.
  6. Bushnell and Vortex offer unconditional warranty. I cant speak for Bushnell service, but I have made a claim on a Vortex spotting scope. Customer service was absolutely fantastic, completely exceeded my expectations. No questions asked, only cost me postage one way to Sydney, rapid turn around.

Ohh, I.missed this part. My go to pair… Swarovski 8.5×42 EL.

I think that it is Leupold that has a new vino and range finder all in one in the new Noia catalog. Don’t know the price but probably not cheap.

I feel like I’ve just been told off :cry:


Great info gents. Appreciate the replies.

Just checked them out @1Fatman, Love the idea of them however the price is terrifying.

Some very valid points in your post. Thank you.:+1:t2:

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Yeah I thought that they might be the sell a kidney type of deal.

Only a little bit. I still love you

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