Best value gun safe.

G’day everyone,

I’m going to be looking at purchasing a new gun safe in the next few months as my current one is very full and I’m looking for something that is going to take me a while to fill.

However, I’m struggling with what my best option is. I want a large safe (20-30 gun) and I’m happy to pay around $1000. I might be able to stretch that if I have to. So far, I’ve seen (in person) Lokaway which seem really great quality but are probably out of my price range unless I go for something smaller. Spika which seem fine but I think are a bit expensive for what they are, and Winchester, which a local store sells and has a big safe for $995. The guy at the local store told me that he rates Spika over Winchester as “they are a much stronger safe” but the cynic in me says he’s always going to say that given the price difference.

In addition to these, I’ve found a heap of other brands online which I haven’t seen in person. Finally, there is Fort Knox ( I get that it is Chinese crap, but isn’t the Winchester (and others!) going to be the same thing but with a recognisable sticker on the door?

What safes does everyone have and what do you think of them?

I mean, Spikas are made in China as well. As long as it complies with State Regs, and has the features/dimensions you need, I don’t know if there is much difference between the brands.

The Fort Knox safes look like good value though - I wish I knew about them before I bought my Spika.

Well I have 3 different safes, one is a Hunt Pro and the other two are Buffalo River.
Here is a small write up on the Hunt Pro, Hunt Pro H12 Gun Safe

I really like the locking mechanism on the Lokaway safes.
The problem when buying safes is that even though they say 30 guns it will not fit that many with scopes, bi-pods etc so you might only get 25 if your lucky.

Buy the biggest that you can afford and then start saving up for the next one as you will need it. :rofl: :rofl: :upside_down_face:

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Tell me about it. I bought my current 8 gun safe from Bunnings a year ago and almost bought the 5 gun. Its now like Tetris in there.

What are your thoughts on the Buffalo River safes?

Random suggestion
There’s really one thing to consider, are you going to get into handguns at some stage. While there are no specific regulations, generally, preference goes to safes with 6mm door (yes, door) thickness. This is COMPLETELY at discretion of whomever is going to inspect it and you will never lose that argument, because there is no law specifying that this is the case (unless law is changed). However, best to avoid that situation entirely and get Cat H safe, if you are heading that way.

They are all the same. They will stop an opportunistic thief. If someone comes prepared, with proper tools, it’s not going to withstand the attack.

Get the biggest safe you can afford, that’s about it.

Keep guns with bolts out, fits double the amount, but yeah, anything advertised as X, subtract a few.

I have never had any issues with either of the Buffalo River safes.
Like most I brought a safe thinking that it would be big enough but they never are lol.
As @juststarting said they are all pretty much the same and as long as they are compliant to your state they will be fine.
The bigger the better as long as it fits in your budget.

I will almost certainly get my Cat H one day but as I don’t know when that is likely to be, I figured I’d get this one just for rifles and then a smaller Cat H rated one when the time comes.

The way I’ll have my workshop set up, the safe will be the last line of defence. It’ll be hidden and behind two locked and alarmed doors and in a room without windows. I figure that if they get past all that and the safe, there is little more that could have been done.

I am going to go down the DIY route in the near future. it wont be as fancy looking but it will be a lot more secure. That way I can make it big enough that although the finish may lack a little finesse at least on the inside I can put foam padding and spacers to keep the scope turrets from banging against each other and causing those annoying dings that occur when you have a packed safe.
Not sure if he is on this site but there is a guy that has done some very nice work on DIY esp with the locking mech which is where I would probably just go the simple route.

There are always these options which will solve all problems…

About the only real problem would be what firearms should I put in there.

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I don’t know about all… Maybe all for 5 years :stuck_out_tongue:

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Buying a door in a frame like that would probably have me sold if it wasnt outrageous. Which it really shouldn’t be. Making a concrete room using either besser bricks or formwork and pored is not that far out.

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I was at one point looking into the possibility of getting a shipping container or something and having the workshop built around it but it just wasn’t worth the hassle.