Bad Internet speeds.

I don’t know why I even bother paying for this shit.

Bloody hell, even our speeds in little Russia are quicker than that.

Yeah this is supposedly after they have fixed it.

Who are you with?


For what it’s worth, we’re with Aussie Broadband and they’ve been excellent.

Sometimes it’s not the provider. There are a lot of other factors. I have a dislike to most all providers, but at the end of the day, they all rent from the major two :wink: Unless it’s NBN (which I don’t have yet, but seems alright, compared to what we have now, still shit compared to other 1st world countries).

Other factors include bad cabling, very common everywhere. Physical distance from your home to exchange. I don’t remember if you are over wire or wireless, but the former can be affected by a bunch of things too. Could also be that you have exchange that most people hang off from, so that would chew bandwidth obviously.

Before jumping into a new provider, I’d get the old one to definitively tell you what’s wrong, because it could be much of a muchness.

What NBN tech are you getting? The NBN actually made our internet a little slower, which was a little sad.

Huh, but wasnt Turnbullshit gunna fix it?

About 4 years ago I got so sick of having my $ stolen every month i dropped the land line and internet. Just do everything off the mobile now. But my needs are not high.

I haven’t had a land line since… Ever. I never had a land line. I do have DSL over phone line, but no ‘land line’ so to speak, always had mobiles.

This supposedly is the great and wonderful NBN. We don’t have a cable, there is a thing on the roof that talks to a tower over yonder.
We were one of the first houses to get NBN and It used to be really good, but I just don’t think there is enough of it for everyone out here these days.

I’ve done the same as Oldbloke.
Mobile phone has become my tethered “modem”. Just gotta’ keep tabs on the data usage.
WRT internet speeds, I’ve just been reading about our brothers across the ditch who will soon be offered an improved fibre service (over and above what they already have) of between 2 and 4Gbps down and up load. Yep, that’s 2 - 4Gbps both ways! I have family on the GC who are lucky if they get 80Mbps.
Oh yeh, we’ve got a first world service. NOT.

It sounds trivial to ‘oh I don’t know much about computer’, Internet fudds if you will, but in reality it has a very negative impact on the Australian economy. Analog analogy would be that of all major highways, but only with one lane in each direction. We can’t do anything technologically advanced direct to consumer because our government just doesn’t get it. And we’ve been living of coal and iron for so long, investors who could inject cash and benefit everyone forgot how to take risk and are considered amateurs at best on world scale. Very sad state of affairs.

…and on top of it all, we are so fucked up, that some ISPs still fleece customers on “must watch my data”, we are probably one of very few countries that are still this archaic. Access to the Internet is and should be universally sold on speed, not fucking data!

Im telling you Turnbullshit fixed it?

Well done 2

80? I’m stoked if I can get 15 down and 5 up :sleepy:

In many areas we (Australia) are just a pack of backwards hillbillies, and net speed is just another example. Most of the time we are just too ignorant to even realise it though, but net speed is one of those things in our face on a day to day basis.

Still one of the best places in the world to live though IMO.

Just did a speed test & here’s my results, pretty typical for daytime, evenings it drops off a bit.

PING 3 ms
DOWNLOAD 47.4 Mbps
UPLOAD 18.7 Mbps

No offense, but it’s criminal that people in real capital cities are yet to have fibre to the street connected, let alone FTTP. Us plebians from Darwin have had 100mb since 2015. My dear friend in Braybrook, VIC has just got his connected this week. I don’t understand how businesses survive on ADSL.