Backyard Builder stage 2

Up bright and early today Rady to build.
Stage 1 is basically done, just needs some top coat here and there.
Should have the flooring and frame done by this afternoon.

Turned out pretty good.
Now to build the wife containment unit.


After a pretty solid days work I got the frame up. Aaaaaand of course the missus has decided (after much consideration , diagrams, measurements etc) that she wants the windows lower. So after a fair bit of “discussion” we compromised . And I’m lowering the windows.

Fairly days work. Still need to put some hoop straps on. Adjust windows. Work on.the roof.

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Just flip the frames. The windows are lower dear. Then run.

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Or.just pass her the saw…

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I look at this and think, this is so cool, I wish I could do stuff like that.

How do you know you can’t?
You have the ability to plan things through, do the design work as well as work out what you need.
Then like a jigsaw just put it all together.

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If you understand the basics, can measure and cut accurately and use power tools without giving yourself a mortal injury , you can build a shed.
I now have to take a sledgehammer to my beautiful frame walls and smash out the window nogs. Hopefully the nails give fairly easily and don’t blow the wood out. But hey, wood does actually grow on trees. And according to the missus “should be really easy”


Yeah… Ummm. Yeaahhhhh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and also I don’t know the basics.

YouTube that shit, or go to a Bunnings workshop or 2, it’s not rocket surgery and you’re not an idiot mate.
You completely re engineered a 3d printer and designed and built your own night vision, I think you can get your head around a tape measure.

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The best bit is that plaster covers all your mistakes. Get a plasterer though. :grinning:

Surprisingly, I’m actually ok with plastering lol

The old man came over today , had materials ready. Beer, snacks, determination.
We were ready to achieve.

First step I did yesterday, lowered the windows. I won’t tell the missus, but it does look better.

Let’s build a roof. I want a verandah, but with no support posts. This will keep the deck open and uncluttered. Therefore we have to beef up the roof with 8 double 90x45 beams. You can walk on the verandah roof , tiny bit of flexibility, but more than strong enough.

Foil on, Colorbond roof on. Cut the fk out of my knees screwing that bastard stuff down. A pleasing couple of days work. Im on holiday. I’m now knackered and enjoying a beer.


Looking good mate!

Freaking awesome. But it’s it me, or is the entire thing on the ground? I sort of expected it to be on top of a hole and concreter on the roof. You know, like a nuclear reactor. Press of a button and silence…

I can assure you the bunker discussion has been had more than once.


Another productive day.
Ready for doors and windows

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Bit more done. Windows loose fitted, door frame loose fitted, front window architrave loose fitted. Also did a few more final touches to the storage shed. Got weather board coming on Monday, Giddy Up!

And moldings loose fitted . Storage shed turned out nice


Bit of an update. Been a busy few days between Christmas and New years but I have made progress.
Linea Weatherboard on, just need to put one more row on the top. Made of cement sheet. Not the easiest to work with , but it’s looks good and lasts well.

Managed to drop the window out of the frame onto the ground. Had undone a couple of retaining screws while I did final adjustments. Adjustment done. Holding frame between fingers. Drill in hand about to drive screw back in. WHOOSH! Huge gust of wind out of nowhere. Rips it out of fingers and it falls , slow motion, to the ground. I start swearing like a wounded sailor. Thankfully no damage and wife didn’t see.

Umm, I know I really shouldn’t give pointers, because I can’t do better. But… Did you forget about the bars on the windows or do they come later?