Backyard builder , Part 3 (updated again)

I have a mancave. Without bragging, it’s awesome and I spend too much time in there.
Sometimes Wifey gets jealous. I offered to build her a small office/she-shed.
After some reluctance she agreed and I started planning and this weekend started building.

The back corner of the yard as it was. Crappy old garden shed sitting sadly in the corner.
The plan

Build new garden shed, transfer or dispose of stuff in old shed, knock down old shed, build she-shed.
Put a deck between the sheds and some kind of roof over the deck.
This weekend I started on the new garden shed.
2.7m X 3.6m, takes advantage of three 3.6m X 900mm yellow tongue boards for a nice no cut square floor, also keeps it under 10m square to avoid permit issues.
90mm X 35mm structural pine.
And 140mm X 35mm treated pine for the floor base.
That’s where I’m at. Will clad with colorbond, missus still deciding colour scheme. Will update next weekend.

That’s not the order of photos I wanted,
Not sure how to fix it.


Happy wife happy life…nice work.

Somebody knows how to build a frame. :grin: Nice work a good weekends achievement. Why does she need a shed ? did you tell her she has the whole house already.

When my missus uses her laptop to do some work at home she develops something akin to road rage. Like laptop rage. She swears at it, try and talk to her , she gets shitty. I sometimes feel like grabbing it out of her hand and flinging it down the driveway. Instead of that I decided to build a she shed. And I get to make a deck, awning and garden shed to boot. Love building stuff.


Someone is a chippy.

Good to see the platform ladder in use. If i see a pair of safety glasses and muffs nexr week i will give you a pass. Lol

Too old for monkey Business. Ladders are good. Wear safety rated sunnies, no ear pro

Looks good mate, we’ll done!

Don’t forget your safety boots.



You will go places one day.

Ahhh suburbia. Temperate climate, life everywhere. Nail guns gently reporting the sounds of the suburbs being improved and lives enrichened.
Fuggin wish I could build like that.

@JizzFlinger is that you doing your best work to channel your inner Mark Renton? :stuck_out_tongue:

Now thats a nice shed!

It’s not a shed, it’s a Wife Containment Unit.

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It’s just tripled in value

Nein, I actually just got the mental scenery in my head from looking at thise pics. Its such a suburban sound, the nail gun. Moreso in the last 20 years. When I was little, it was the sound of hammers and saws. Cordless was unobtanium.
You know, for ~40 I feel DAMN OLD!!

Edit: Ahhhh “Rent Boy!!!”

You say 40, but you sound like you just tied a brown onion to your belt.

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Hahahaa! It was the fashion at the time.

It’s actually the garden storage shed. The wife containment unit or WCU or “waku” as I’m now calling it, will sit where the shitty old shed currently is.

That’s coming along nicely mate.

That’s looking bloody good.

Can you please come around to my place when you have finished, there are a few projects that I need built? :rofl:
I think that you will score many brownie points with that.