Authorisation to modify firearm

Hi I’m new here and would like some advice from anyone who had done chassis conversion to likes of mdt chassis system from original wooden stock. Did you need to apply for authorisation/permit from Victoria police LRD to perform the conversion? I’m interested in mdt chassis but unsure if I should go ahead. Read the Vic LRD website a number of times on regulations to modify firearm but dont really understand whether it meant that I need authorisation if I’m changing firearm Calibre or I need authorisation for just modifying the chassis. Thanks, schaw

Ello. Vic here too… No, you do not need to apply for anything. Just put it in a new stock/chassis and you’re good.

The only time you would need to notify is when you rechamber a firearm. That’s something a gunsmith would do for you. Other than that, you’re fine.

Thanks @juststarting . Would really like to convert to mdt acc chassis as it seems to improve grouping for long range competition.

Do it :slight_smile:

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Yeah I may need this retail therapy as well. Staring at my cz 457 and thinking maybe now is the time to upgrade but being aware if there are permits to do this. Stay safe @juststarting while we ride out the extension of lockdown 6.0 pretty sure. Regards, schaw

Oh, we’ll be riding “it” for at least a month, I think. Because, apparently 16 months is not enough to get contact tracing right for a handful of cases.

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