Auction time of year again

New catalogue for the April auction is out.

Having a quick scroll through, I noticed that they designate a lot of pistols as Pre '46 or Post '47.

What’s the reasoning behind this?

Definitely some nice things there… I want.

They have yet another Chinese Mosin in 7.62x39 (#384).

Honestly can’t tell at this point whether they keep listing them wrong, or if there’s something I don’t know about. I’m honestly tempted to inspect the rifle in person with 3D printout 7.62X54R round now to gauge it.

Just use a drilled dummy round…

Don’t have a drilled dummy. 3D printing one shouldn’t be too hard anyway. Think the drawing already exist online.

You just need a 7.62x54R ye?

I’ll prolly print out a 7.62x39 one at the same time to use. As well as a bunch of other stuff that I’ve been meaning to try like stripper clips. I needed the set up the printer anyway.

I was going to say I can make you 54R if you need one…

The only things I can think of is that they are listing them wrong, which seems unlikely, or an importer rechambered them for what was a more common cartridge, which also seems unlikely.

So odd.

Just finished having a look.

A good range of stuff. HEAPS of black powder flintlocks and percussion muskets.

For some reason their Lee Enfield estimates seem very low.

As usual, I am tempted to throw in low bids in the hope of grabbing something for a bargain but don’t want to get stuck with 10 bargains that add up to a final bill I can’t afford!

Realistically, I might put a bid in on one of the two long Carcanos or a MK4 No1.

Other option I guess is the Chinese government rechambered it? Which is even more unlikely in my mind as I don’t think there would be any real saving for them in terms of ammo costs or whatever.

Doesn’t make sense that they were experimenting with it either for a more modern Mosin, because they started making their version of the SKS very soon after that.

If it’s a legit 7.62x39 Mosin, I think I would put in a bid on it. Quirky little thing with a crud load of that steel case Norinco ammo promises to be good fun.

The advantage of a 7.62 * 54 is that you could at a pinch use the enemys 7.62 * 51 ammo if captured but they could not use yours.

For Category 1 and Category 2 collectors I’m pretty sure.

I think it’s the time again…



Okiiiesss there are definitely things I want there. Yep.

There’s some very tasty stuff up for grabs, in particular Chinese stuff. They’ve got a Chinese contract Browning Hi-Power up. Makes me wish I was Cat H.

They’ve also got a bunch of Type 53s in both 7.62x39, and 7.62x54R. At this point, I don’t even know what is real anymore with the T53s lol.

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If you guys could not bid on the things I like this time that would be great. Thanks


Type 53 in 7.62x39 peaks my interest.

Mmmm meh not matching but kinda cool. Damn it, I want all the guns.

I think we’ve had a forum post about this before discussing how it was likely a post-military service modification.

Still would be cool as a plinker though. Baby Russian is way cheaper than the full fat rimmed right?

So who were the winners and who stuck out.

I placed a $1800 max bid before the Auction on a Winchester1892 that was priced from $1200-$1500 even before the action had started I was advised I was no longer the highest bid the auction really started a few days before hand. The rifle ended up selling for $4000.

I nearly had heart failure while I watched a No1 Mk3 sniper go for $16000.

I did manage to pick up a rifle for a reasonable price however I did sort of stuff up as it was made by a different manufacture to what I had assumed.