Auction time of year again

Ah drats - I completely forgot about the auction.
There was a lever 22 there that I was interested in which I now see sold for under the estimate.

@sungazer Oooh - what new toy did you pick up?

Auction seemed to go well. Majority went above asking/estimate price.

I’ve blown my money long before the auction aaaaand forgot about it lol

I thought the prices on most of the “traditionally collectible” stuff there were somewhere between “too high” and “insane” and not even remotely close to the “estimate” price, although there were some surprises like a number of SMLEs going for sensible amounts and a couple of the modern rifles and handguns went for about what I’d expect.

I mean, who the hell bought a Pattern 1853 Enfield Musket for $3600??? That’s $4500 at least (after fees & GST and postage) for what looked to me like a completely unremarkable Pattern 1853 that didn’t even have the bayonet or sling or nipple cover or anything with it.

I bid on quite a few things but the prices very quickly got away from me, especially since I was mindful of the buyer’s premium and GST and shipping meaning I had to add another third or so to the price again. There were also a few items where it was pretty clear someone with extremely deep pockets wanted it badly and would just keep outbidding me, so there was no point getting into what could prove to be a ludicrously expensive game of chicken over it.

I was also really surprised how many things had a very reasonable starting bid listed on the site, and the auctioneer was like ‘Aaaaand I’ve got these other bids no-one else knew about until right now so this $400 gun is now starting at $800’, which was generally my cue to nope out of that lot.

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On-line Catalogue - Fine Arms Australia (

Time to browse and drool.

Item 30 (@Tempestman is already on the second box of wet wipes).

Hrmm pretty underwhelming overall.

The Baikal is really pretty, but there’s no way the price estimate is right.

It’ll probably go for $1400ish plus fees.

Yeah, looking at UsedGuns, the last couple sold for low $1k.

It’s a joke, fud status symbol. Same money gets you a nice modern 45-70. Correction, REALLY nice.

Really? Wouldn’t it be pretty much only single shots for cheaper than that?

Edit: Also the odd lever, though curious, what don’t you like about them?

fuck, is google down ?

Just been pricing, hollly shitballs shit went up in price! Yeah CVA will be a lot cheaper. lever, not cheaper :confused:

I’m taking most of those price estimates as a starting point, not what they’ll actually sell for.

With that in mind, there’s a couple of pieces in there I’m interested in so might have to count some pennies…

On-line Catalogue - Fine Arms Australia (

Here we go


Lots of cool stuff there.

There’s some interesting stuff in there but their estimated prices are all over the place - some of them seem really expensive for what the item appears to be, while others seem to have an estimate well below what seems about right.

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try not to hack mine this time round, jeez.