Are you going to be at the range?

I was going to make a topic of little river whos going to be there blah blah but then though why not make it more general so if anyones going to a range Aus wide maybe we can get forum members aquainted?

To start it off provided it doesn’t get burnt with the fire down there is anyone going to be at little river this sunday? Planning to head down there, check zeros and get some data, also taking a friend out for her first centrefire shoot

Good idea, I think that I am the only one on this side of the world though lol.
Unfortunately I will be stuck at work all this weekend.

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Surely not mate, gotta be more than one bloke in a state that big :joy:

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I will give you that one, I should have seen it coming lol.

Seems like a big freaking fire with homes destroyed around there, @AusTac. Probably worth giving them a call beforehand, may be closed due to smoke and ash in the air.

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The range was closed early today due to the fire. Not known at this stage if they will be open tomorrow. Was posted on SSAA Facebook.

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If it’s open, we have our Xmas break up fun shoot & BBQ Sunday, though I may not be using the flintlock. In fact I may not be using any muzzle loader but I have a new Mauser I might have a play with. Cheers.

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I want to, but due to circumstances both money and time see tight, Also why I’m buying a new ute rather than a new rifle…

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Still burning, according to The Age, as of 25 minutes ago.

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Far out, i’ll ring on sunday then i guess

I’ll be at the Parkes SSAA range Sunday, pistol in the a.m, small-bore benchrest in the p.m. Yeah I know, long way from you lot and benchrest is the “lawn bowls” of shooting, but that’s all they shoot there due to town building out into the fall-out zone. Also, my youngest son has just turned twelve and done his safe-handling crap, so it’s a chance to get him going.

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I don’t know, nothing wrong with benchrest, I wish our ranges would do it but most are just setup for F-class style. Hope your young bloke enjoys himself.

Nothing wrong with benchrest.

Just an “in” joke from silhouette. One of our older shooters was at a major benchrest match shoot just having a look, someone asked if he was participating, his reply was, " Nah, I’m still young enough to stand up and shoot, not into lawn bowls."
As the famous Harry Pope once said, " the bench proves the rifle, standing proves the man."


Ice cold. I like it.

Well I went to the range today. It started with a little drizzle that quickly became hot and steamy the black cload and overcast threatening a storm but just got a few spots then back out to hot again.

I good day just a few guys playing with some test loads using a few chronos to test them against each other. Ploting MV against Grns against vertical movement like a ladder and looking at group size.

Then some fun with some PRS limited exposure targets shooting 22 at 100 yrd. The targets were only exposed every so briefly that some bullets hit the target when nearly closed and it cut a line in the ply. The target looked like it had been strafed. Some were nearly cut in two.

Next Saturday is the Christmas shoot with some different techniques such as Bench Rest and the 22 game targets and the qick exposure targets.

Glad it turned out well and you got to shoot, nothing worse than being muggy and spoiling a good day out.

I left out it was the Range in Violet Town not little river. only 6 -7 of us there today so relaxed take your time do what you want test loads, Chrono, group test ect.

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Is that one of those club only ranges? Would much rather go north than west for a rifle shoot