Anyone plays online chess?

Pretty much as the title… Wondering if anyone plays online chess here, on

Haven’t played chess for years. Mind you, what I used to play was more hack and slay than chess. Still fun, though.

I like it. I do 10min blitz games when I’m on the train.

What does this have to do with guns (or Australia?)

Nothing, I mean, I play from Australia, so I guess that’s related. Nothing to do with guns. Does it have to be? Just a general chat, as per the category name.

I used to play chess with my brothers as a kid, but beyond knowing how to move the pieces I wouldn’t say I know how to play.

Its a strategic war game. The pieces are based on military ranks and structures.

Shut up, you don’t even internet :stuck_out_tongue:

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Jeeze you go into bat for a bloke and he turns on ya. They have a name for that turncoat :smile:

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Hehe. Don’t make me go all homoerotic on you, you know how shy you get.

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Havent played for years.

Will check it out. Thansk for the link

I’m definitely not a grandmaster but like to get the board out from time to time. Never played on line.

I hadnt played for perhaps 15 years. Eleven year old grandson has taken it up and wanted a game about two month ago. Little bugger thrashed me twice. :vulcan_salute:

I haven’t played in years until I started catching public transport. It’s pretty neat, playing against other people online, to/from work.

I play online poker /card games. Played chess a fair bit when I was younger. Problem I had was finding people to play against. Might check it out.

I am finding that every player seems to try the same dumb arse move to win the game in the first 3 moves.

Soon as i see the opening move, i just my knight to counter the punch and they either resign or just continue on as if they havent even seen my move.

Had one opponent so focused on making this move he just put his queen in range of my knight. I took their queen… they messaged me calling me a cheat and quit lol

Heh, I have no idea about your setup that you’re describing… However, you’ll find that as you move up the point ladder, it gets a bit more serious. 850+ points is where you start needed to focus on positional chess.

The move is,

White pawn from E2 > E3
White bishop F1 > C4
White Queen D1 > F3
White queen F3 > F7
Check mate

Its like every 2nd game is a variant of this move.


How many points are you on?

Just got back to 450…