Anybody else swaging.

Currently been swaging up some .224 jacketed pills for my hornet, once I found and appropriate lenght to complement the twist I have been met with some pretty good results with some 38gr to 42gr pills. The pic below was the 38 [email protected] 100m which I have been extremely happy with at the moment. I’ve also been playing around a with a few ideas for ballistics tips Eg-Varmint Bombs but have not tested nor completed the full procedure(so it hasn’t been derimmed) only prototype stage as yet. So if your into swaging or making your own projectiles show us your success (I know your not going to save a million$$$) it’s Time consuming, fun and rewarding for that special purpose pill.
38gr success!
First attempt at the ballistic tip (only practice)! 1555669561517213776622|666x500 ,

Yeah I’ve been thinking bout doing it but haven’t sourced all the required equipment yet.
I was thinking for 44mag, if people don’t know what it is here’s a video on it…

That’s a pretty good video @Justice I was only thinking the other day I need a 44mag lever gun for the piggies. The local gunshop had a Winchester 94 in 44mag for only $499 that would have made a nice project gun.

Why not 45/70 then from 45acp or 30-06 brass

I have everything in the video. I must try this!

Great video. Not too much $hit talk and very simple.

Does that mean that you are going to want 30-06 shells? Lol

Funny, because that’s probably the only use for that calibre, making bullets out of them for real guns.

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Nah you need to toughen up and be one with the recoil.

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Its not all the 30-06 is good for, it can be converted into cool rounds like 8mm mauser and 7.7jap!


Mmm 8mm mauser

Made a few dies today still ironing out a few problems with the 6mm projectiles that are swaged out of the cut down 17hmr empties. Just trying push the ogive back as far as brass will allow me too. The last one I did tonight is almost perfect 92gr ballistic tip.

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I have to ask…

How!? And do you sell them?

Don’t sell them yet as I’m working out few kinks and different bullet shapes ATM. I’m very close to making the whole easily repeatable. But i the worst part is I don’t have a 243 to test these projectile, other than my mates hopefully soon. Maybe I could work on doing a video just for the oz gun lobby peeps.

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I’d love to see the process. Sounds awesome.

Theres not a ton of steps it’s quite a simple process but its definitely in the detail, especially making cutters for the bullet profiles. But at the moment all the tooling is made on my drill press and my drill press is used as swaging press as well.

…and I happen to have a drill press! I need to know! This is awesome.

Here’s a couple of pics of my hardened tool steel bullet cutters 224 hornet on the right 6mm on left

Wow, so you pretty much go through a rod and punch it out?

How do you cram it in the die?

So this is the hornet dies the moment I really want make the die so it will have a rod on the other side that will assist in releasing the bullet which is a job for tomorrow. It won’t let me format the vid, I’m getting on the computer