Another WA report

Interesting how they appear to have changed the headline

Wasn’t scary enough so:


Anyway I now have something to aim for

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I remember when the greens released a thing in victoria years ago saying how many guns were in each post code.
You could tell it was bullshit, between the local cop, my brother and myself we had more than they said and we were in a rural area where every second house has guns.

I read their national policy a week or so back.

They want rural shooters to have to store their guns in town, that’ll work.

I see a fox, drive 40 minutes into town, hope the storage place is open, get the appropriate gun and drive another 40 minutes back, meanwhile the fox has killed 10 or 12 lambs and fucked off.

What a pack of cnutastic fucktards.

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Should we point out more people die waiting for an ambulance than are shot with licenced firearms?

Our even unlicensed.

81 licensed firearms seized during compliance checks and 41 from raids. I wonder how much of this was driven from people importing gel blasters and parts.

The fact they took 81 licensed concerns me. Was it from one person and they had a loose round floating somewhere so they took the lot? I wish we had more detail.

Check out the flog at the end, he’s given up even mentioning unlawful use. Just go for the nice easy compliant people who bother with a licence.

Can post the official media release once they post it online for those who don’t use facebook

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The clusterfuck that is WA firearms almost needs it own forum section.

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“Far too many firearms in WA which are EASILY finding their way into criminals hands”
Well imo they’re not finding their way that easily, if you look at the raid they showed that found money & drugs, it proved that those crims are having to have gel blasters, modifying toys, and making their own parts with 3d printers…Yeah the real guns were just falling out of the cupboards everywhere, poor [email protected] were tripping over them left right & centre. :rofl:

Never let the facts get in the way of a police report hey.


The Geheime Staatspolizei is alive and well in the Fascist wonderland of Westraya.

Makes Nanny South Wales look like Texas.

The guys who did my check last week were pretty good. They said a loose round in your range bag or one spent brass case you don’t have a licence for isn’t going to get the average person written up but did advise to make them inert if you wanted to collect them. And they didn’t look around all that much or come into the house. Just wanted to see the serial numbers and shake the safe to see it was attached.

They were saying the things that piss them off and cause paperwork headaches - especially when they’ve booked ahead of time - are loaded magazines, sometimes in the firearm or not in the safe. Slabs of ammo not in safe. I had some boxes on my reloading bench they asked about but took me at my word that they were all empty ones brought home from the range after I opened one and showed them I was just keeping the plastic to put reloaded rounds into.

The other big thing they said were safes with bolt heads ground off and glued to the washer for people who don’t want to drill holes in rentals (which is rediculous - just patch the hole when you move out!). You’ve made a statutary declaration that you installed it properly…

Remember that cop in Geraldton had a loaded pistol in a safe that wasn’t secured to wall?

Anyway I’m not a bikie or associated with any so I suspect they have been treated a bit differently to my booked appointment and a little bit of advice.

My good experience still doesn’t mean I trust this government and the new laws are going to suck but I did get an email saying I’ve been deemed compliant.