Animal prints on file

What do we make of this fellas? I’m thinking a wild dog? Also feel free to add to the topic :slight_smile:

Don’t know, obviously in snow. Where exactly was it taken, N/E Victoria? There’s a big dog problem around here.

I’d agree that it’s dog or fox depending on the size👍

Was taken in the rubicon this morning, yeah i though it may have been dogs, so many prints around in the snow, amazing what you notice

These are wild dogs just down the road from me in Dederang, N/E Victoria. Didn’t check their foot prints though.

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Yeah right… obviously more of a problem than i’ve heard! Only one i’ve seen so far was near fernshaw,that would smell like roses :joy:

Wild dogs are a big problem around here. Parks Vic bait them in the Alpine National Park and farmers shoot them in the low country. But they are always there.

Definitely a dog of some sort. Any idea of scale? To me it is too broad for a fox, which from memory are more elongated.

Nth E Vic is rife with dogs, as Bogong says. When i use to spend a lot of time between the Rubicon and the Mitta (anywhere between), there were always dogs around. ALWAYS.

Up higher there are also remnant populations of Alpine Dingo.

So when I take pics of prints always put something next to it for size comparison. E g coin or live round.

Possibly a bit of scale but yeah just hoped out for a quick yarn didn’t think about scale at the time, but approximately 5 cm top to bottom

Might bring a rifle next time

Just measured my two dogs’ paws. Big one is 60-70mm and he stands to my hip. The other is 40-50mm and he is probably the size of a large, chunky fox.

They don’t look like wild dog prints.


These are dingos. Feet are very close together.

Yep. Rear foot falls in front foot track. A pair walking together is what i thought of that photo.

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Dumb statement but when i first saw them i was like? The f*ck is this? I would expect 4 prints for two animals, what am i missing? It’s like a two legged animal

Nah. Not a dumb thing. It is unusual.

Possibly a cross country skier. Any ski tracks between those holes?

That’s one weird arsed looking ski stock, then! :joy:

Seriously, though, CC skier is usually alternate, not simultaneous.

If the skier was down hill they wouldn’t. Ski stocks are sharp with a basket on the end of them. Maybe it was an ice surface at the time and no tracks were not left except for holes left by the ski stocks.

Naah we were the first vehicles in the area, it’s fresh powder besides the prints, i followed them for a while, never really seen animals walk up a track so much in the open

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Fair point re: down hilling but still, no ski tracks and a dog foot shaped basket… :wink::+1: